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Following - Like Sales - Depends Upon Referral Traffic

Do you know any professional sales people? I'm not talking about sales clerks, who wait in stores for people with merchandise already picked out, or who just hang around
Do you have a question about the merchandise?
I'm talking about people who actually sell a product. Real sales people will sell you something so you'll come back and buy more later - from them. And the really successful sales people sell you a product, and will make you want to tell your friends about it later.
Do you need a new xxxxxxx? See this guy - he knows what he's talking about.

Blogging and Following is similar to sales. It's easy to get your blog read. What you want is people who read your blog, and let other people know that they read your blog. That's Following. People Follow your blog, and their Following profile shows their Followers - people who Follow their blog - that they Follow your blog.

Just as Sales depends upon referrals (people who tell their friends about you), Following does too. You'll get some traffic to your blog from your Followers - people who read your blog repeatedly. What you really want is people who read your blog, Follow your blog, and have Followers who will Follow your blog.

And that, again, is based upon relevance of your blog. People who are interested in what you write are more likely to Follow your blog. Very few folks will Follow your blog simply because someone else that they Follow already Follows your blog. The readers, and Followers, of the blogs that Follow yours are prospective, not confirmed, Followers of your blog.

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Moderator said…
Thank you! This is blogging with integrity. Unless you are a spammer or troll or lame-o loser, your blog (generally speaking) should be providing a service, something worthwhile.

Maybe it's because I have worked in sales outside the blogosphere" that I learned this. I wanted to make money, so of course, it was beneficial to provide my clients with excellent service and products, which in turn could lead to future business with them or someone they refer.

In addition, the products I sold were directed or packacked to best meet the clients needs, thus retaining a sale. Selling them the most expensive ting in the bag might seem nce that day, but it's not so nice when they return it.

This all translates into blogging (again generally speaking) with integrity, providing something useful that your readers/the target audience of your blog would be interested in. If you provide good stuff, you will get return visitors, links and all that jazz.

My biggest word of advice though for bloggers is, please please please please, do not publish someone elses content as if it were your own. Publish whatever garbage you would like, but make sure it's YOURS.

Thanks for this refreshing post & very informative blog.

Anonymous said…
This is very true..Nitecruzer I've seen your many of your comments elsewhere and they are all very helpful.

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