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Deactivation Of The Google Sites Or Start Page Service

Unsolicited redirect to a Google AdServices, Sites, or Start page is a very common cause, right now, for the well known custom domain symptom "Another blog is already hosted at this address". And, it's a reasonably easy symptom to correct.

Start by logging in to Google Apps.Then, deactivate the AdServices, Sites or Start Page service.
  • When you login, you will be at the Google Apps Dashboard. If you're logged in using an account with administrative authority, you'll have the links that you need, there in front of you.
  • You disable and enable a service, and set the publishing address, from the service settings screen.
  • If simply disabling the service in question is not productive, you'll need to recycle the service settings. This will involve slightly more work.

If your Apps dashboard does not include a shortcut for the service that's a problem for you, you may be able to add that service to the dashboard, then deactivate it. If the service in question isn't on your dashboard, and you can't add it to your dashboard, then you'll have to do the full domain settings recycle, to methodically reset the "Another blog is already hosted at this address" symptom.

The Google Apps Services

You install and activate any needed service, using the "Organization & Users" - "Services" wizard.

The Service Settings Screen

You disable a service, and set the publishing address, from the service settings screen. You access the service settings screen using the "Settings" menu entry on the far right - or the "View all settings" dashboard link.

The CustomURL Screen

Besides the multiple mappings which may be active for Sites, you can display all installed services, and their mappings, using the CustomURL screen.


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CrunchyB said…
thank you! thank you! thank you! i spent over two hours trying to figure this out with google help and forums ... and sheeesh... talk about an easy fix!
Garland said…
THANK YOU!!!! How does this get changed around anyway?? My blog was working fine and then all of a sudden it was pointed to the google blue screen. I hadn't made any changes to it. I'm' glad I finally found this page to help figure out how to fix it!
Chuck said…
We don't know what triggers this. It appears to not be considered a "corruption" in the Blogger database, as many causes of "Another blog ..." are treated. Blogger has advised us that the MCD form, which fixes database corruption, may not apply here.
Hi Chuck, This post seems to answer a problem I've described at I just can't figure out where to setup a new Google Apps account without a business domain email address. Any insight will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Anonymous said…
Hi admin,

I just wanna follow your suggestions, but i have some content in sites, with out loosing them, can i move to blogger.

Thanks in advance.
Chuck said…
i have some content in sites, with out loosing them, can i move to blogger.

That is a good question. We need to figure out why legit Sites content is being confused with Blogger custom domain content. Here, I again ask that you post in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, so we can pass this question to Blogger Support when necessary.
R.V. said…
Hi, I just want to THANK YOU for a simple, straightforward explanation of what to do! I spent hours trying to figure it all out, calling my domain provider, etc. - and this one, little step just took care of the problem.

Many thanks!
Rebecca said…
Thanks so much for posting this information! I got my blog back up and running on my own domain name thanks again chuck
Benjamin Blake said…
Thanks so much for this page, it was really helpfull and simple to understand.
Mumsluvbaby said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mr. Empey said…
Thank you!!!!
Jenny P. said…
What an easy fix! Thanks so much for this. It solved my problem with one easy step.
i have the same problem, but the problem is what service to disable and disable.


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