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How To Not Get The BlogSpot URL Of Your Choice

The controversy continues, in that many bloggers cannot think of a URL for their blog, other than ones that are already taken.

Some are so desperate that they think of imaginative but Pyrrhic solutions.
Solution here would be a way to report this as a kind of abuse (Yes I know it's not really abuse in any form) or otherwise get in contact with the owner. And I don't mean hunting down the contact information from the web as it practically newer works. I mean there should be an option "I would like to contact the owner of this blog" or something similar.
Here we see two alternatives, neither with any future.

The suggestion to file an abuse complaint is, in itself, abusive.

The people who handle hacking, porn, and spam complaints have enough to do with genuine hacking, porn, and spam problems. Reporting a dormant blog to the abuse desk will get you:

  1. Ignored.
  2. Told not to do that again.
  3. Possibly, and if you repeat such abusive action, your Blogger account should be cancelled.

If you want that URL, are you the only one who wants it?

The idea to have Blogger contact the current owner, on your behalf has merit - if you don't consider the details. For any URL that somebody owns, if one other person wants that URL, there are probably a few other people who would want that same URL.

If you were the current owner of a popular URL, would you want repeated emails (on behalf of the same person, repeating a request, or on behalf of more than one person, intermittently) to read, simply asking you to voluntarily give up your URL?

What would happen, should you (the current owner of a demanded URL) accede to such request? Who would be the winner, in the crowd submitting the "Give it to me!" demand through Blogger? The first person, or the most persistent person? Would you want to be the Blogger employee who would get to decide the winner, in such a contest?

The Blogger policy, on URL reassignment, is quite simple.

Neither voluntary URL resignation, nor involuntary URL reassignment, have any part of the monolithic Blogger statement

Blogger accounts and Blog*Spot addresses do not expire. Therefore, we can't take away somebody's blog address to give to you.

Use some imagination, and pick an available URL. Start your blog now, and work on the content. That's how you get readers. Not by picking the "perfect" URL.


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