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Coyotes, Hyenas, And Turkeys

The 1978 cinema classic "Animal House", which starred the late, great John Belushi as John Blutarsky, was a comedy about American 1960s college life. It was described by one reviewer as
the best college comedy ever made. Nothing has ever come close to comedic perfection, and never will again.
It focused on one fictional fraternity, Delta House, the rejects of the campus fraternity system at the college.

The members of Delta house included screaming nuisances (coyotes), troglodytes and trolls (hyenas), and hapless morons (turkeys). Many inhabitants of Delta House, many years later, can be found as bloggers, posting in Blogger Help Forum.

Coyotes are individuals who, unhappy with the way they are treated by Blogger, convince the general public (their reader population) to conduct a Distributed Denial Of Service attack against the forum. The owners of their namesake blog, The Daily Coyote, conducted a DDOS in April 2008, when it was locked as a suspected spam blog.

Hyenas are individuals who lack self esteem or social life and who post endless amounts of crap, drivel, or lame spam in the forum. Coyotes conduct a brief and very energetic attack, yet they cease the attack when dealt with, firmly. Hyenas, on the other hand, conduct a slow, chronic attack over many months. One hyena has posted under many names, and has been attacking the forum for several years.

Turkeys are spammers who refuse to believe that their splogs, detected and locked by Blogger, will never be restored to them. They hang around Blogger Help Forum, periodically posting
When will I get my blog back?
as if Blogger will ignore the fact that their blogs were righteously detected and locked.

Welcome to Animal House, 2009.

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Unknown said…
I still get a laugh out of that movie when I see it.
@eloh said…
I think I "get it", the basic premise anyway. I did think you were talking about crappy blogs at first.

I have seen comments on political blogs that just make you shake your head. .and even more so to the people who respond.

I didn't know there was a name for it that could be said in church. Thanks.
B.J. Thompson said…
Sooooo pleeezzz tell me why these parasites do all this spaming shit in the firstb place?

Why have a blog if all you plan to do with it is terrorize others?

I know I'm no computer script wizard but you can't tell me these losers are getting rich terrorizing the rest of us legitimate bloggers???

And as for that ONE blogger who shall reamin nameless (Bilal, cough, emmm, excuse me), why send out a constant barrage of useless emails/posts etc.?
Why do any of this trolling shit in the first place?
Doesn't this loser have a real Life or what?

High Chief Mucky Muck of

TLB2 - 2nd Official Tate-Labianca Murders Blog

B3 - Burb's Buck & Buntline Inn

TLB2GG - MsBurb's TLB2 Google Group
Nitecruzr said…

What Bilal / Will did was execute post floods, to get to Level 4 and have his posted links clickable. As soon as he hit Level 4, all of his links, past and present, became clickable. 8=(

With clickable links came hits against his blog. Search engine juice.

When Gatsby clipped him, all of his clickable links became non clickable. 8=)

All of that work for nothing. Poor trolls. 8-((
J said…
I might be considered as Turkey as I post to the blogger help forum asking for my blog to be restored. Im not asking to be a Turkey but have to, in order to get my blog back. When the blog is your source of income you use to support your parents and siblings in school you've got no choice but to be a Turkey.
Nitecruzr said…

If you are a turkey, you need to find a legit source of income. Turkeys lose their blogs.
Wait a minute chuck...

You're saying the following?:

Person 1 is finally making $3000/mo. gross from the work put in to their blog after 2 years

Person 2 is finally making $1440/mo. ($9/hr.) gross from employee work put in at mom & pop's record store, who is secretly contemplating bankruptcy

Person 2 is considered more legit because they filled out a U.S. Form W2 instead of a W9 and registering an LLC?

J, I think chuck was just having fun with you, and not being completely insensitive.

Enterprises of all forms are the foundation of human evolution.

...and your tax dollars are go where?

Good luck.

Nitecruzr said…

If you're making $3,000 / mo gross, that's great - if you're making it legitimately.

At the height of his career, Jeremy Jaynes (aka "Gaven Stubberfield") was making so much money he was buying houses for cash.

Jeremy Jaynes, in 2004, was sentenced to 9 years in Virginia State Prison, as a spammer.

If your blog is spam, and it's caught by the Blogger anti spam bot, it's out. If it makes $10 / year, or $3,000 / month, it's out. If your blog is spam, you report that your blog is locked, and I am involved in helping you in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, I will take great pleasure in helping your blog to remain locked.

People like Jeremy ensure that there will always be people making only $1440/mo. ($9/hr.) gross from employee work put in at mom & pop's record store.

People who make $3,000 / mo from spamming help ensure that legitimate web sites get less traffic, and receive less money for their owners.

If you sympathise with spammers, and defend the right for spammers to abuse Google resources, then you are a spammer. Gobble, Gobble, Peter.
Ridodirected said…
I don't know if I'm coyote, hyenas or turkey. I still remain innocent because for one thing I don't much about basic programming to share spam to the public. Its not really my intention to harm others!
Nitecruzr said…
If you are innocent, then you need some way to let those who are not innocent know of your displeasure.
Skip2MyLou said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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