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The New Post Editor Is Here

Apparently as part of its 10 year anniversary celebration, Blogger has quietly released the (previously) Draft Post Editor into Production (Orange) Blogger.

If you look at Global Settings under Settings - Basic, you'll see the (former) setting for "Compose Mode" now replaced by "Select post editor". Here, you can select "Updated editor", or view an overview. Or, you can leave "Old editor" (Compose mode enabled), or "Hide compose mode", selected - depending upon your current setting.

Selecting "Updated editor" gives you the former Draft Blogger equivalent of Post Editor, now available for all Blogger blogs in Production Blogger.

There are interesting changes in "Post Options".
  • No "Backlinks" options.
  • Real scheduled post settings ("Post date and time").
  • Edit HTML ("Convert line breaks" per post) settings.
  • Display HTML settings.

And two major omissions.

And now, there's the option to create true static pages for the blog.

And as the new post editor becomes more commonly used, new features and old will cause new problems.
  • The New Post Editor implementation of "Read More".

If you require Spell Check and / or Video Upload, restore the old post editor.
  • Go to Settings - Basic - "Global Settings".
  • Select "Old editor" (Don't select "Hide compose mode").
  • Remember to hit "Save Settings".

And, by the way, note the term "Global Settings". If you make this change under one of your blogs, this will be the setting for all of your blogs. Also, if you just accepted membership in another blog, check your post editor setting.

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DaisyCrazy said…
the updated editor hasn't got all the features of the old one though. eg you can't upload a video with the updated... they said they'd fix it but who knows when that will be...
KAY said…
Where is spellcheck on the new post editor?
Susan said…
Thanks. I felt so cool switching over to updated editor.
But then, panic time!, there's no spellchecker! I can't live without a spellchecker. And that's not even exageration - or exajeration or egsagera ... never mind.
Penny said…
I thought this new Editor mode was supposed to make posting easier? I post from Word or Notepad and either way, I still can't get the d*mn paragraph spacing to stay put. I still have to use periods as spacers (I change the font color to match the background--a real pain) to force the hard returns to remain where I want them.

AND the font colors of the new editor are slightly off from the blog background and post colors. (My spacing dots revealed this. Whereas before my spacing periods couldn't be seen, they are now faintly visible.)

And the new editor screwed up some of my post font sizes.

Oh, and using the
code pair doesn't help. It appears to be ignored. I have the same problem with my WordPress blogs, though it's generally easier to post with Word, but there are always the one or two paragraphs that insist on being a b*tch.

And I hate going through the HTML mode. A sea of WTF if ever I saw one. Urrgh!

Blogger, can we PLEASE have a Compose Mode with true WSYWYG function and w/o having to switch to the Preview screen?
Nitecruzr said…

Maybe it's coming later, or maybe not coming at all? Only Blogger Support knows the answer.
Nitecruzr said…

Good, insightful comments there. MHO, when you start to think about how you feel inconvenienced by the many improvements being made periodically, you will realise that you are becoming technically advanced in using Blogger - because many improvements are made to benefit the newbie bloggers.

The "transparent" use of email addresses as Google account names is a case in point.
KAOS said…
There's supposed to be better image handling. I uploaded a bunch of images into a post, didn't like the order, and tried to drag them around.

No chance.

It doesn't allow you to do it. I've switched back to the old version.

Also it doesn't allow you to chose the date/time of the post under Post Options.
Aviatrix said…
Warning: if you, like me, write your posts in HTML, do not click on the Compose tab. It strips out all <p> tags and replaces newlines with <br /> "tags" (that's not a typo, the slash is what they put in there).

As there is no "add photo" link in the new html tab, if you want photos in a post you must add them all from the compose tab, then switch to the html tab and type your post.
Camille Lemmens said…
The new editor seems to be slowing down my writing, as if I write in syrup, everything slows down but if I write in html mode all is fine.

The biggest nusiacne I'm having is that when I post multiple pictures, the text disapears behind the images when I publish the posts and I need to adjust all text and need endless blank spaces to adjust.

he color comment made earlier is indeed slightly annoying.

Look slike I will be switching back to the original editor.
Penny said…
I totally gave up on using the
tags. I use dots (same color as background) as spacers. It's the only way I can be confident my paragraphs remain unmolested. Haha

Now, I strictly use the HTML mode. I code my documents in advance using Word so I can easily use FIND to replace color codes or whatever, then I paste the completed, labored-over document to Notepad (making sure Word Wrap isn't checked) then add the code bit by bit to the Blogger Editor--preferably anything between < div > to < /div > or < span > to < /span > to avoid the open/closed tag alerts (I added the spaces around the brackets so this comment could post). It works super great because the new editor warns me when a tag is broken then I can find the troublesome offender right away. In fact, I LOVE the broken tag alerts as I'm typing. Me and New Editor are buddies now.
Stampmyart said…
Thank you!!! Great help in solving my problem. Very easy to follow. Now I just have to wonder why they took away some of the "features" in the first place when they switch over to the new format that I didn't know I had, LOL. Thanks again! Have a great one!

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