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Blogging Requires Learning

It's so simple to setup a Blogger blog, and publish posts. A "stock" Blogger blog takes maybe 5 minutes to setup, and half of that involves choosing an available blog name, and writing your first post. Generally, after you have published a few posts, you should start to think about the fun stuff - such as making the blog more attractive, or about getting more readers.

And now, you have a chance to learn, about blogging in general, and about Blogger blogging specifically. And if you want to learn, Blogger Help Forum: How Do I? is a great place to start. Just keep an open mind.

Learn how to ask for advice, accept advice, and ask intelligent questions about advice provided.

Please, when you ask for advice, don't start with
I need more traffic to my blog. Please make simple instructions, as I don't want to learn anything - I just want a checklist.
I want my blog published to a working custom domain. I bought my domain from Domains-R-Cheap, and it doesn't work! The advice given here is too full of jargon! I don't want jargon, I want plain advice!

All advice given in Blogger Help Forum won't be to everybody's native level of understanding. Some things that you want to do, with your Blogger blog, may require more experience than you have, right now. People who give advice on how to execute the tasks required won't make check lists for you - you may have to learn how to perform the required basic tasks, first.

Basic blogging is linear, by design. Intermediate and advanced blogging projects require planning, reasoning, and diagnostic testing. Some projects will go better, with the right third party services and tools.

Advanced blogging projects won't be linear, and won't come with check lists. If you are advised to do some additional reading, don't reply by demanding a check list. Read what you are given, and read the linked articles within the articles that you are given.

Respect the helpers, and they will respect you. Whine, the real helpers will ignore you, and you'll be getting "help" from the trolls and spammers.

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Cara Powers said…
I really appreciate all the help I got from you and Vin when I was starting out. Now I always check your blogs first before I post a question in the forum. Thanks. It's too bad no one was able to answer my last question. Maybe it can't be done?
Lorelei said…
I'm actually commenting to test the cookie problem per the answer you gave at the forum. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to see or notice, though. Duhhh.
Nitecruzr said…

You should maybe read, and follow, the detailed instructions about cookie filtering testing.

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