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Image Upload Is Now Subject To Terms Of Service

Recently, Blogger added acknowledgment of Terms Of Service to the image upload wizard in the post editor. Unfortunately, this addition is not immediately obvious to everybody - and to some, seeing it comes as a revelation.
This is how I fixed it:
When you get one of the upload dialog boxes, there may be a check box next to the UPLOAD IMAGE option at the bottom. It is one of those "I agree to something xxx" that you have to check. Once I checked it, the UPLOAD IMAGE button became activated.

My mother would call that a "snake", as in
If it was a snake, it would have bitten you already.

In this case, it would simply bite you once, then quickly crawl away.

This is what you will usually see. Except for one time.

Look carefully, to the right of the "Upload Image" button! Do you see it? Take a good look right now - after you check the box and upload, you'll not see it again.

Probably most folks see it once, check the box, upload, and they never see it again. Check TOS boxes isn't all that earthshaking, and very few folks ever read the Terms. So later, when your friend asks you why his upload doesn't work, are you going to think of it? I doubt that I would.

But, thanks to tgold, we might.

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Anonymous said…
Now if all fixes were this easy. :)
rae said…
"My mother would call that a "snake", as in
If it was a snake, it would have bitten you already"

I probably have been bitten already Chuck. Geez, I didn't notice the check box until I read your post. Interestingly, I always hear the same saying ^^^^
we probably shared the same mum!! (LOL)

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