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FTP Publishing - December 2008

This week, we have reports of another old friend
ConnectException: Connection timed out.

Possibly, this is a recurrence of last month's problem, or maybe an earlier problem.

If you are suffering from this problem, please provide diagnostic information:
  • The blog BlogSpot URL (if applicable).
  • When was the blog setup in Blogger? (If the blog was published immediately by FTP, say so).
  • The blog domain URL.
  • When was the blog setup for FTP publishing?
  • The name of the server hosting company.
  • The Blogger FTP server setting (name or IP address of the server), in use right now.
  • What operating system, browser, and version of Java do you use?
  • Where are you located, and what ISP do you connect through?
If you have other blogs that are not having a problem publishing, the same information may be relevant too. Remember, we're looking for a solution for your problem, so be generous, and precise.

And spend some time reading about possible problems with FTP Publishing. All problems aren't caused by Blogger - sometimes, the host server will cause this symptom, too.

(Update 2010/01/27): We have a new occurrence of this problem, this week.

(Update 2009/1/1): This symptom appears to be repeating itself, yet a second time.

(Update 12/28): This symptom appears to be repeating itself, though with slightly different details being reported.

(Update 12/26): After attention by "John P" (possibly a Blogger employee?), this problem appears to be fixed
The problem has now been fixed. Sorry for the trouble.

(Update 12/25): I have seen some comments from bloggers who state that changing the name of the host server, from "" to "" resolved their problem. If your server name is not of that form, I'm not sure that will do you any good, though.

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GP said…
Having the same problem:
Hosted on GoDaddy
Regular FTP (not SFTP)
epo said…
The same for me.
hosted on DirectNic
regular FTP

I'm considering migrating to WordPress
Ina (taliX) said…
me too, since last night
hosted on Puretec 1&1
regular FTP

my other blog called "aufnahme.html" was running last night 5 minutes ealier ok and is still running without problems. both on the same server ...
Ina (taliX) said…
me too with one of two blogs since last night 00.07 GMT+1

hosted on Puretec 1&1
regular FTP

the other one published ok 5 minutes ealier on the same server and is still running fine:
I have had the same problem since late 12/23.
hosted by Westhost
Regular FTP
Vista, Firefox, ?
Having this problem
Yahoo web service
regular FTP
Windows XP sp2
Firefox 3.0.5
Located in Pittsburgh, PA through comcast though also tried from work in Cranberry twp, PA through unknown ISP and still didn't work. said…
Hosting Matters
regular FTP
Windows XP
Firefox 3.05
New Hampshire
Matthew Hunt said…
I've been having this problem since 23rd December.
Windows Vista, Java 6 update 11
tried using Chrome and IE7.
USP is BT in UK.

I would greatly appreciate any help or updates.

epo said…
Problem solved, hopefully.

In the Publishing page, I changed the FTP server name from "" (my hosting provider) to "" (my domain).

I can still access my domain with FileZilla (an FTP client) using "" as the FTP server name, so I think it is a fault of Blogger, that decided to change something without prior notice.

Hope this helps someone.
Ina (taliX) said…
YESSSS ... problem solved, thanks to epo!

there must have been a change by blogger for referring to the given name of the FTP server. in my case I have 2 blogs, the one which has been running fine ist directed to the main domain the other blog is connected on an additional domain "" which is routed also onto the talix server. up to the 23rd december blogger accepted the additional domain name as FTP server, now it processes the failure with timeout. just have changed the FTP server name to the main url and everything's fine.

thank you all for this quick support and help and have a wonderful christmas time

best regards from Germany
Oddly enough, I did the opposite thing just now---and it worked. My FTP server had always been just the domain name. A few minutes ago, I added ftp to the front of it---and now the posts will publish. Very odd.
Glenn Wilson said…
I seem to be having this problem today (Dec 28). I tried adding the "ftp." prefix and that did not help (so I undid that change).

When was the blog setup in Blogger: 2003.

The blog domain URL:

When was the blog setup for FTP publishing: 2003

The name of the server hosting company: Datarealm

The Blogger FTP server setting (name or IP address of the server), in use right now:

What operating system, browser, and version of Java do you use: Vista 64bit; Firefox 3.05; Java 6 update 7.

Where are you located, and what ISP do you connect through: Houston TX; Comcast.
11:33 AM, EST December 29th 2008
Same problems, doesn't matter how the FTP path is written. Been using Blogger with FTP for four years, just gltchy as all get-out.
Mark Argentino said…
Eureka! The solution suggested in this post to change from to without the ftp worked, thanks a million.

I wish you a very Happy New Year,
Julie said…
The problem re-occurred, and my solution (since none was offered by Blogger) was as follows:

1. Removing the ftp did not work.
2. Adding www instead of ftp did not work.
3. Using did work (instead of the usual

I haven't used my domain for the ftp for years, and the "official" ftp settings that work for everything else and are given as correct are the

I imagine it'll break again and I'll have to keep adjusting the ftp settings as such. Not very pleasant.
Johan Svensson said…
We're having this problem and nothing seemest to be helping...

Changed the FTP from the IP nr to and to and then back to the IP. I'm running out of ideas.
Jen said…
I finally figured this one out for me!!!

I tried all of the fixes listed on this page with no success. My website is hosted with Lunarpages. I sent a support ticket in to them and they finally figured it out:

"It appears that one of the IP addresses that google blogger uses was blocked on the server, and it has been unblocked at this time.

For future reference, the IP addresses are:"

So if you are having this problem you should try contacting your hosting company, and give them these IP addresses to make it easier for them.
HydraRock said…
Hello everyone
I'm having the same problem that you have found Connection timed out bloggers

Information you enter when tested with filezile work without problems
FTP Server
Blog URL
FTP Path: /
Blog Filename: index.html
Feed Filename: atom.xml

user name and password are correct

What am I doing wrong?
Nitecruzr said…

I just published a new post to track the current problem. I suggest that you review the content, and follow the link to the forum thread. Maybe add this information in that post, too.

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