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There Are No Abandoned URLs Available For Re-Use

Every day, some hopeful blogger innocently asks
Many people have a great idea for a blog only to find the name of the blog has already been taken, except these bloggers have created the page, put no content in it, and leaving no contact infomation.

This leaves the individual who wants the name of their blog at a complete loss.

as if Blogger will simply reverse their BHG FAQ statement (look under Custom Domains, FTP Publishing, & other URL Issues)
4.) This blog address looks abandoned – can I have the URL?
Sorry, no can do. After a blog is deleted, the subdomain is reserved for the previous owner of the URL to reclaim if he/she so chooses. People claim blogs after years without use more often than you would think.
and their earlier Blogger Help answer
Blogger accounts and Blog*Spot addresses do not expire.
I don't think that Blogger can have a more universally fair, and supportable, policy than that.

If the URL is taken, it's taken. You can't have it, unless you are able to contact the owner directly. Don't waste everybody's time, claiming to be the owner who needs the blog deleted, but cannot remember the account name or password.

Find another URL. Don't waste your time, repeatedly asking for an "abandoned" URL (or possibly, just deleted), when you could be taking another that's available, working on your new blog, and building its reputation.

The reputation of your blog isn't built on the URL, it's built on content, relevant to the needs of the readers. Get to work, build your blog, and build its reputation. And use an available URL.

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Arabic Blogger said…
u r right ...
Thank u very much
Mkcoy said…
Thanks for explaining this to me I have the very very same problem myself now with a keyword blog identical to my sites unfortunately the owner has not added any content or updates to it in years and in uncontactable. There should be a bidding system or something put in place for blogs that have had no activity in a certain time frame putting it back in the pot effectively.

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