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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

FTP Publishing - January 2010

This week, we have yet more reports of the chronically present old friend
ConnectException: Connection timed out.
for bloggers publishing by FTP.

So far, the reports of this problem seem to be associated with server space provided by Aruba.

If you are suffering from this problem, please provide diagnostic information:
  • The blog BlogSpot URL (if applicable).
  • When was the blog setup in Blogger? (If the blog was published immediately by FTP, say so).
  • The blog domain URL.
  • When was the blog setup for FTP publishing?
  • The name of the server hosting company.
  • The Blogger FTP server setting (name or IP address of the server), in use right now.
  • What operating system, browser, and version of Java do you use?
  • Where are you located, and what ISP do you connect through?
If you have other blogs that are not having a problem publishing, the same information may be relevant too. Remember, we're looking for a solution for your problem, so be generous, and precise.

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Gianfranco Goria said...

Blogger will stop FTP on March 26, 2010: so I migrated the news section of and back to Blogspot ( and, 'cause on January 26 it stopped to work and I could not stop publishing news.
What I would like to understand is: Blogger will implement in future the possibility to archive, at least monthly, all the news as static html files via FTP, or should I use "manually" softwares like Teleport to do it? Having static html files physically in my dominion was the only reason for I used the Blogger FTP...

Chuck said...

Thanks, Gianfranco,

I've started discussing this, and I'll work on details soon.

I've had a workaround for static pages, which isn't hard to use, for a while. And Blogger should have their Pages option working soon, maybe now with a real incentive to do so.

Gianfranco Goria said...

Thanks to you, Chuck! :-)
Having static html files on my space at ( was useful, 'cause I could use shtml for my web pages. And it's a necessity to me, 'cause I have to keep them all archived monthly at for ISSN reasons. If I cannot have it done automatically, I'll do "by hand" (via Teleport, or just saving the hmtl page via browser). But it could be fine to have it done automatically via Blogger... :-)