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Custom Domain Publishing, And The 404 Error - Chronic Edition

On the surface, the old "404 Not Found" would be one problem - simply your computer saying "Hey! I can't access the other computer!". Those of us who work in computer and network troubleshooting know that there are dozens of possible causes for that one symptom.

We know, for a certainty, that if we persist in believing that there is one problem causing all of the "404 Not Found" errors, that one problem will never be solved. This symptom will be solved only with detail and determination, and lots of diagnostic work.

>> (Update: 5/18): Blogger Support is now suspecting a link between use of Google Apps, and the 404. If you are having this problem, please help us diagnose the problem. Describe your use of the following Blogger / Google applications / wizards, with any possible details (relevant dates would be useful), in setting up or maintaining your domain:

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>> Copy this tag: bX-*00077

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2 days ago I bought a custom domain ever since then when i try to look at older posts i get a 404 not found message.
custom domain address:
blogspot address:

so far i have let it alone but if i have to ill just leave it at the blogspot address if this goes on for too long.
Wil said…
Yes I'm still having trouble. Everything is fine in the interface for my site but the archives and the root files all now come up as 404 Not Found. Posts from May 6th and May 8th also suddenly do not display on the main page. All of this has been the case for a few days now.


Thank you!!!
Wil said…
PS: GooglePages is not involved with my site (above) as far as I know. Thanks again :)
Chuck said…

Sorry, no cigar. You don't have a custom domain. 86400 IN A 86400 IN A ( -
Peer 1 Network Inc.

Your blog publishes by FTP, I bet.
nevermind i just put it back on the blogspot addy most of my readers know that one anyway.thanks anyway
Chuck said…
Thanks for letting us know, DG!
Anonymous said…
I have been having the 404 problem. It works fine for a couple of weeks and stops. Right now it is broken and I don't mind letting it stay down. I do use google apps.

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