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Future Scheduled Posts Now a Thing Of The Present

Scheduling a post, to publish in the future, is not at all a difficult task. Before you hit the "Publish Post" button, simply select the "Post Options" link just above that button, and change the date and / or time to some time in the future. Then, hit the button.

If it takes effect, when you hit the button, instead of getting the
Your blog post published successfully!
screen, you'll see the "Edit Posts" menu, with your new post listed, but shown with the "scheduled" notation besides the date / time stamp.

After the indicated date / time, refresh the "Edit Posts" screen, and you'll see that the post is now published. Or refresh the front page of the blog, and the newest post, just published, should be at the top. With dynamic publishing of the blog, you (or another blog reader) will have to do something in the way of reading the blog, to trigger the publishing.

If you're like me, and like to publish posts with a far future date, to keep some posts at the top of the blog, just Publish the post once without changing the date. Then Edit the post, and change the date as you like. The future posting date only takes effect when you change the date on a new post; edit the post after publishing, and the future posting feature is bypassed.

Are you having a problem with scheduled posts? Which scenario applies in your case?
  1. Things that post immediately, when they shouldn't.
  2. Things that post later, when they should post immediately.
  3. Things that never post.
What time zones differences might apply, in your case?
  • Time zone where you live.
  • Time zone on your computer.
  • Time zone of the blog.
  • Is DST in effect?
And look very carefully, at how you typed the post date and time, and at several relevant settings on your blog and you computer. Did you type the date as "mm/dd/yy", or as "dd/mm/yy", for instance?

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Art said…
It doesn't work. It saves the post to Draft at the scheduled time, not publishes it. I see plenty of comments about this all over Blogger Help and zero responses from anyone who can explain. I just shrug and say, "Oh, well, how much did we pay?"
I'm having trouble with the new "Scheduled" feature, as well. No matter what time I indicate that I've made the post: at the actual time, one hour before, two hours still comes up as "Scheduled," and doesn't post. I wouldn't call this an improvement. I'd prefer that scheduling a post be an option, not something that's imposed on everything I try to post. Sometimes you want to post when you write it, not at some unspecified time that Blogger decides might be right. Several hours after I tried to post, it did come up, but who knows when or why?

Can anyone tell me, on another topic, why my husband's posts via FTP won't come up at all? He can't even comment on his own blog. His blog is hosted on his domain. This has been a problem since about May 1, and he's completely hand-tied, unable to put anything up. It's rotten, and he can't find anything on Blogger Help.
Nitecruzr said…

The one reason so far that we suspect causing scheduled posts to never publish is time zone. What time zone are you in, what time zone is your computer set to, and what time zone is your blog set for?

As far as FTP Publishing, that's another can of worms.
Dear Chuck,

Thanks so much for the swift reply. I'm in the Eastern zone; my computer and blog are set to Eastern. I'm thinking that Blogger's on Pacific? So do I try to trick it and set the post time for 4 hours earlier than I'm actually posting it? And remind me again why this is so convenient? ;-)
Seriously, I would definitely be one to use this feature, since I'm a blog ant, storing posts ahead of time, but it'd be nice to be able to post when I want to from time to time.
I'll check out your link on FTP posting. Eek. Can of worms is right. Thanks again.
Peter Rozovsky said…
Post scheduling worked beautifuly for a few weeks, then stopped working a couple of days ago. Yesterday Blogger published a note that the problem has been fixed. In fact, it has not been. It's still not working.

In addition, Blogger has apparently introduced a restriction that posts with CAPTCHA word verification cannot be scheduled. This was not the case before; I use CAPTCHA, and I was always able to schedule posts. What's worse is that Blogger directs me to click on the ? next to word verification to find out how to get around this, but the ? does not exist.

I suppose this is a minor annoyance, but it is still an annoyance to be deprived of a useful feature and to also be deprived of any way to get around the problem.

Does anyone know when post scheduling will be fixed and how to get around its current problems?

Nitecruzr said…

Sometimes, Blogger fixes things, but the fixes aren't always effective for everybody. If we can figure out what doesn't work for you, maybe we can get Blogger to fix your problem too.

What can you tell me, in detail, about the problem when you see it?
Hello! I'm STILL having problems with my scheduled posts not posting at the scheduled time. It used to work perfectly for me. Since around June 6, it works one day and doesn't work the next. I've checked all my time zones as you suggested in other responses, and my time zones are all correct. I cannot seem to find any helpful information in the Blogger help forums and finally found your site. Can you offer any information as to how I can get this feature to work for me? Thank you so much! :)
Sonesta said…
I am having the same problem as
Art and many others I have read about where my "scheduled" post goes to "draft" instead of posting in my blog. I am not seeing anywhere that anyone from Google has answered this question yet. Does any one have an answer? I want to use this feature, but if it doesn't work what's the use of it even being on there? By the way my OS is Vista...could that be the problem?
LuAnn said…
When I click on "Post Options" the only choices I have are whether or not to allow reader comment. There is nothing about setting the date or time.
Nitecruzr said…

Can you please post this report in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?, or in Nitecruzr Dot Net - Blogging, so we can explore this using peer support? Peer support is the thing, and BHF is where you get peer support!
Chrissie said…
I have scheduled several posts today on two of my blogs,which appeared to work perfectly, but then one post kept being published instead of going into scheduled mode, and so I had to delete it immediately.

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