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403 Forbidden Woes Continue

During the weekend of May 10 - 11, 2008, many Blogger readers were having trouble viewing our blogs. Instead of seeing The Real Blogger Status (and various other blogs of greater and lesser importance), some unhappy folks were seeing a well known problem
403 Forbidden.
Pete Hopkins, the Google Man In The Know, described the cause of the problem - the side effect of a massive Denial Of Service attack against Google, as
Blogger is currently experiencing a high level of automated requests. In order to keep Blogger running smoothly for as many people as possible, we are blocking some IPs.
and continued with
Just because your IP is blocked does not mean that you or your network is making automated requests, you've just gotten caught up in the block.

We are working to remove the incorrect blocks as soon as possible.

Yet as of this evening, it appears that not everybody is back to normal.

It's possible that you, or your readers, who are affected by this problem will be able to get around it by using a proxy server. Though you won't be reading this, if you're affected by the problem. Sorry.

For additional insight into this problem, see Robertos Report: The 403 Block.

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Tracy said…
Yep this is exactly what's happening for me I think for one of my blogs ( None of my archives work, and all posts (that WERE previously posted and displaying fine) from May 6 and May 8th suddenly aren't displaying at all. Everything is fine in the interface however. I also can't post anything new. It says it's published, but then just doesn't appear on the main page.

Where is the best place for me to go to let Blogger know my site is still not working?

Btw you ROCK for putting this message up here, I was going crazy thinking it was something wrong on my side.
Tracy said…
One more question... come to think of it, I can view blogs, I just can't seem to view some posts on my own. Is this the same issue you're discussing here? Thanks again!
Nitecruzr said…
Thanks, Wil, for the feedback.

The "403 Forbidden" seems to affect different blog readers in different ways. Possibly involving what blogs they are trying to access, possibly where they are connecting from.

Blogger isn't being too communicative right now. We may just have to grit our teeth and bear it. It's nasty, but there you have it.
Haloranch said…
I'm in Canada and my ISP is xplornet. It still seems to be blocked though I understand many service providers are now unblocked. How can I find out when ours will be unblocked? It's been over a week and I'm suffering blog withdrawal!

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