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Details About bX- Code Circumstances Now Requested By Blogger Support

In an effort to reap benefits from the chronic bX- codes, Blogger Support now asks for the details, related to the circumstances. Just fill in the form, and enjoy the feeling that your pain is not being ignored.

This request for diagnostic details, plus the bX- Codes Glossary blog, should reduce the frustration level ever so slightly, when a bX- code is experienced. Maybe this effort is part of a increased focus on solving some of the ongoing problems, like the pervasive "Another blog ..." error, encountered periodically during custom domain setup.

In order for the form to be useful, we have to use it. As I've stated before, every report about a given problem, no matter how many times experienced, is significant. If you don't report your experience, it may not be resolved as quickly as it could be.

When you get a bX- code, take the time and add an entry to the form, with complete and precise detail about the problem. Like the False Positive Locked Blog, following procedure is the best choice, all around.

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Diane Davis said…
THANK you for answering my question. I didn't know I could report a problem and thought I had to just wait for my question to be answered.


(you will not be able to click on my name and have it take you to my blog because that is the problem in the first place!)
Thank you for this post. My Profile has had an error message since February with no resolution.
Thank you for letting me submit a question directly to blogger stuff. I am not really a person with strong knoledge of computers and providing me with this direct link was a release.
As I said Thank you.
Annie said…
I reported the bx code I was getting when trying to change my template. the only frustration was that blogger didn't give me a link to 'decode' their error code! Luckily I found your blog and was able to resolve the problem. Thanks for all your help!
Thanks to the link in your post I have actually found a form to fill in! Which was nowhere to be seen in blogger help forum. (Entering bX error code in search box had no recognition at all.) Results are another thing of course but thank you for trying to help.
Thanks to “Hermione Blogger Top Contributor” I stumbled upon your blog.

I can’t load my blog (error code bX-oqyp9i). I use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. According to my website tracker Sitemeter, nobody has been able to access this blog since the middle of August.

From the Blogger dashboard, I tried to access my blog. This time the error code was bX-wsbpdv. I used the form to report the problem and I’m now waiting for an answer.

I noticed from the questions in the Google Products Forum that the bloggers with this kind of problem all seem to use hyphens or dashes in their blog URL. Could this be part of the problem?
Chuck Croll said…

I'd bet even money, the leading and trailing dashes, in the blog name, are at least part of your problem.

That's not just a Blogger problem - you'll have a problem with the networks which make up the Internet.
Chuck, thanks. I've had this blog since late 2005 and I never had this problem before. According to Sitemeter, the blog has been averaging a steady 30+ visitors a day but since middle of last month, it's absolute zero.

Why did Blogger allow the use of dashes for URLs in the first place? I had to use dashes since the blog URL I wanted at that time had already been taken. Changing the blog URL now will be a bloody mess because of all the links.
Chuck Croll said…

Unfortunately, Blogger Engineering cannot prevent everything that is bad - just as they cannot allow everything that is good. Also unfortunately, every time Blogger Engineering tweaks a feature (such as maybe blocking creation of blog names with leading / trailing dashes), they break something else.

Have you every wondered why there are so many odd problems, reported in the forums? Some of them are new problems this week, caused by other problems fixed last week.

Even if they could fix all of the problems this month, next month Microsoft would update Internet Explorer, or Mozilla would update Firefox - and more problems would come out the following month.

Odd details, like problems with blog names containing leading / trailing dashes, will always be with us. And no matter what they might do to prevent more people from making your mistake, they can't fix your problem - because your problem is with the Internet infrastructure, which Google does not control.

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