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Your Blog Is Like You - Unique

The title of this blog is "The Real Blogger Status".

This blog contains many posts. The name of this blog is "bloggerstatusforreal", and its URL is now "" (it's also known as ""). There can be only one BlogSpot blog with the name "bloggerstatusforreal", though there can also be "", and "", and each can be separate web sites, if desired. And any blog can have the title of "The Real Blogger Status".

You can create another blog, if you wish.

You can create as many blogs as you need, and they are all free. Use the Dashboard link "Create a Blog", to create another - but you will have to use another blog name - if you wish to publish to "BlogSpot.Com". If you want to create another blog in a custom domain cluster, that's easy enough, after you create a BlogSpot blog.

You can change the name (the address / URL) of your blog, if the prospective new name is acceptable and available, using "Settings - Publishing" - but you should plan the change carefully. When you change the name of the blog, the URL will also change - and that is all that will change.

When you change the name - and publish the blog to another URL - the comments, the posts, and the template, all move with the blog. Properly planned, you can change the URL of the blog without losing any contents. You can likewise change the Title (and / or the Description), using "Settings - Basic" - without fear of any complications.

You can export the comments and posts from your blog, and you can import them into another blog, at your convenience. This will create new comments and posts in the second blog, with all URLs changed to fit into the second blog. Do this with care, for many external references, such as blog feeds, Following, and search engines, are involved here.

You can transfer control of the blog, from one Google account to another, without changing any blog feature. When you transfer control of the blog, all contents, and all blog settings, move as one. Your readers never know - or care - if the blog gets a new owner.

Each blog starts out with one post; though most blogs, ultimately, have multiple posts. This post is "Your Blog Is Like You - Unique", and its URL is "".

If you enable Post Pages in your blog, the URL for each post will be a function of the month and year posted, and the post title. This post, for instance, is
The title of this post is "Your Blog Is Like You - Unique", and it was originally published in March 2008. You create a post with a given title, in a given month and year, in a given blog. The URL for the post is created for you, and you have no say as to what the URL will be.

If you change the title of this post, you'll end up with a title and URL that don't match. You may, if you wish, setup a custom redirect, and make the (desired) new URL redirect to the current URL.

All of this is one of the many features of publishing a Blogger blog.

The previous post in this blog is "Using The "Buy A Domain For Your Blog" Wizard", and its URL is "". This blog, like every other Blogger blog, can have many posts. I can create other posts in this blog, by using the Dashboard or Navbar links labeled "New Post". You can do likewise, in your blog.

Once a given post has been published, and has a permanent URL, that URL is locked to that post. You can change the title of the post, but the URL remains as published. You can delete the post, but that URL will never be used for another post. That's why you're advised to delete "duplicate" posts with great care. This policy ensures that there will never be two posts with the same URL.

Some blogs will display 1 post / page, others multiple posts / page. That's up to the owner of the blog. By default, the blog header contains the blog title, and the blog description. If you use a custom header, that presents the blog title and / or description as a picture, you'll want to use meta tags to provide that information, so the search engines will have blog title and description to index the blog.

Most search engines will display the posts in search lists, using 5 fields of information, in order.
  1. Blog Name / URL.
  2. Blog Title.
  3. Blog Description.
  4. Post Title.
  5. Post Content (the first few words in the content).
That is the order which you will see the information presented, on a typical blog page.

The template defines the blog structure, and contains everything in the blog besides the posts. The page title, the sidebar(s) and gadgets, the footer - all are part of the template. All posts in the blog share one template, so all posts will have the same page title, sidebar(s) and gadgets, and footer.

If you wish to have posts with different page titles, sidebar(s) and gadgets, and / or footer, you make multiple blogs, and you combine your multiple blogs in various ways. This will give you a blog cluster, as Nitecruzr Dot Net is structured.

One blog - many posts. That's how blogging works. Regardless of how Blogger presents it sometimes, and what blogging platform you use.


Unknown said…
great info, thanks for sharing your knowledge, my first post was dated 11/05/07, blog still not indexed, considering custom domain !
Nitecruzr said…
I'm not sure about your problem report "my first post was dated 11/05/07, blog still not indexed, considering custom domain". Is this something that was reported, in detail, in a forum post? I'm not sure if I can help you, based upon just this brief report.
Liz said…
This is not related to your recent post, please forgive...but I have a question that is vexing me and I can't seem to fix it.

Why, on my blog, does the text change from double-spaced to single-spaced without warning? I can't stand single spacing...but can't seem to get it to change back to my good old double spacing. Please help!
Nitecruzr said…

You're describing a known problem, which Blogger is supposedly fixing. Watch this blog post for updates.
Hi, I am trying to change my display name. Maybe I overlooked something in the creation process of my blog, but as you can see, my display name is "fhdgffhfhjdfhg" but I want it to be something else. Can you provide me any advice?

Nitecruzr said…
You change your display name using the Blogger profile editor. That will change any new posts, all existing posts will keep the "fhdgffhfhjdfhg".
teddytrump said…
Nice post chuck :) learn another things now

thanks a lot

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