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Not Publicising Your Blog

Typically, a blog is for you to share - with your friends, or with one special friend. It doesn't have to be though, and sometimes you want nobody else to read it. The most secure blog is one that doesn't exist. Short of that, you can have one where nobody has permissions to read it.

In some cases, you publish a blog to generate a feed. You want people (specific people) to read the feed, but you don't want the world at large to know about the blog. When you do that, there are two settings, in Settings - Basic, which will interest you.
  • Add your blog to our listings? - If you select "No" your blog will not appear in the Blogger home page, Blogger Play, the "Next Blog" link, and similar places, but it will still be available on the Internet.
  • Let search engines find your blog? - If you select "No", everyone can still view your blog but search engines will be instructed not to crawl it.
If you want to have a feed, you cannot make the blog private, but you can make it (semi) invisible.

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HappyLand said…
Hello. I just wanted to tell you that your blog is amazing. It helped me with the good old custom domain setup problems and now I've got everything running smoothly. I also learned a lot about my own computer and it was empowering to figure it out on my own with your guidance. Also your writing is entertaining.

Thanks again.
There's one thing I'd really love to find out:
Is it possible to exclude only Google's Imagesearch from accessing my blog?
Because Google Images is where all the data traffic is generated, which is really annoying.
But I sure wanna keep Google itself! :-)
Sheridan Folger said…
Chuck , Great Site. Wish I would have found it before accidentally deleting my blog completely. I've sent emails to support@ to no avail and filled out several help forms via various options in blogger help...nothing yet. Hopefully I'll get somewhere somehow. I've read in several places where they've retrieved and helped people with this problem. Any updates on better ways to contact these people? I doubt it.


Nitecruzr said…
Hey Mad,

The Blogger Contact system of record is becoming the Google Blogger Help forums. If you start by posting your problem report online, we can bring it to the attention of the Blogger Support staff. We just need your problem report, in the forums, as a starting point.

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