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Republishing Your Blog From FTP (External Hosting)? Edit The Posts, To Move Any Photos To Blogger Servers

If you're in the process of moving a blog, currently hosted externally by FTP publishing, back to BlogSpot, you may take for granted the easy hosting change for the blog itself. The text components of the blog - comments, labels, posts - will simply be transferred back to BlogSpot publishing. The photos and other attachments will be another story.

When you upload photos using the Blogger post editor, you're doing 2 things.
  • Copying the photos to storage on a server - either Blogger (Picasa) hosting, or your external server (FTP publishing).
  • Inserting code into your post, describing where the photos are stored.
When you simply republish the blog, which moves the rendered blog code to a different blog host, the photos stay where they are, because the act of republishing doesn't edit the posts.

So, if your photos were hosted on an external server, they stay on the external server, until you edit the posts and move them.

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Rhonda Duron said…
This is my new favorite blog. It's full of the answers I could not find! May I ask a question here though? I just switched my blog to FTP for one reason only. Some of my photo forum members said that is will help my Google serach engine ranking. Do you know if this is true or why if it is true? It's a huge hassel to post and I hate the Classic look and maybe want to swtich back since it's new. Thank you!
Nitecruzr said…

Thanks for the kind words. The general perception is that search engines rank non-BlogSpot URLs above BlogSpot URLs. I may research that in the future, so stay tuned.

At any rate, at one time publishing by FTP was the only way to use a Blogger blog published to a non-BlogSpot URL. Custom Domains removes that distinction, and lets you use a Layouts template and publish to a non-BlogSpot URL.

This blog, and a few others of mine, will be on my custom domain "" within a week. We'll see how that goes.

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