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When to Contact Blogger Support?

I would have, previously, said
Whenever you have plenty of time to wait.

The implication is that you are better off posting for help in Google Blogger Help. I would add
But fill out a Help Form too.

Today, in Google Blogger Help - Publishing Trouble: When to contact The Blogger Team, Jordan aka Blogger Employeee is more explicit.

  • If you're having difficulties accessing your blog or can't see your blog on your dashboard.
  • If you're getting a server error when you try to post or change your settings.
  • If you can't log in to your Blogger (beta or otherwise) account.
  • Any legal or TOS issues.
With these particular cases, you should contact The Blogger Team so we can investigate your particular situation and problem.

...please keep in mind that there might be a bit of a delay in our response to you, as we're a little busier than usual right now with the new Blogger in beta.

So what's new here?

(Edit): And having learned from experience, in Google Blogger Help - Something Is Broken: Image Uploading Update, this latest thread is locked.

You cannot reply to this topic because it is more than 30 days old or has been closed by a moderator.


e said…
" Sorry...

You cannot reply to this topic because it is more than 30 days old or has been closed by a moderator."

Yeah. Isn't that cute? I see a room full of two year olds covering their ears and singing la la la so they can't hear about the mess they made.
I think they are really conducting an experiment on rage - how much can they frustrate Bloggers before someone goes postal? Of course there's no one to go postal on because they are all hiding.
Rose DesRochers said…
I think that's why they call it beta. Everyone was so quick to switch that they forgot the meaning of Beta.

Nitecruzr said…
It's shiny. Everybody loves shiny.

My 1 month opinion.

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