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My Blog Is NOT Spam

Don't get me wrong here. This is, currently, not my problem. But it was once, long ago.

I suffered the indignity of solving the Captcha, over and over, for at least a week. And unlike many here, I don't just write a blog post. I write, and rewrite, and rewrite the rewrite. Then I add a couple links, to other posts, and reverse link those posts to my latest post. So each post, for me, would be a dozen (minimum) publishes, and a dozen (minimum) opportunities for me to solve the damn Captcha.

Then somebody wrote here about the link, which I had looked at each time I solved the Captcha.
My blog is not spam.

DOHH. I clicked on the link. Two more clicks, and I was done. I got a bot reply an hour later, and same day, a final reply.

I logged out of Blogger and back in, and posted a test. No more Captcha.

Unfortunately, not everybody has an easy experience like that. Many people write that they have submitted the request from
My blog is not spam.

at least once, and they are still waiting for service. And to them, I say
Submit it again.

It takes maybe 10 seconds to submit the request.

How long did it take for you to write your latest complaint? How long did it take for you to read this post?

Submit it again. Daily, if you post that often.

(Edit 12/9): The anti-splog whitewashing process, which also involves solving a captcha, appears to suffer from problems. We'll discuss those problems in My Blog Is NOT Spam #2.

(Edit 10/15): It appears that now we have a "?" next to "Word Verification", and clicking on that will take you to the review request form.

(Edit 10/3): Some folks have reported seeing just a "?", where the "My blog is not spam" would be. And clicking on the link brings them simply to the Blogger Help documentation. Well, nobody ever successfully accused Blogger of being totally consistent, or insightful. My regrets to you, if that's what you're faced with.


Leo Pusateri said…
It took me THREE WEEKS of that nonsense before my CAPTCHA status was removed.

It was a royal pain!
Chuck said…
Nobody will ever accuse BS of being overly responsive, or of being consistent in any way. Their only consistentcy appears to be capriciousness.

How often did you resubmit the "My blog is not spam" form?
Pamela said…
I guess I got extremely lucky. I got released after waiting only 40 minutes after submitting my request.
Chuck said…
Your experience, Pamela, gives people hope. Thank you for sharing.
my blog is still being disabled..send report 3times..can not send that request daily because it says there they have received my report..but nothing stressed out..
Krishna said…
I'm suffering from this problem since 1 week but nothing happends till date. Why is so?
Chuck said…

This is where I suggest that you follow the 3 step process, concluding with posting in BHF: Something Is Broken.
Arealdude said…

I am facing a problem , when I am trying to open my blog ,it's showing "The Blog you were looking for was not found !!!!!!
In my Blogger Dashboard it's showing "Restore access to this blog. Learn more".but when I am trying to restore my blog it's showing "Your blog is not locked and does not need a review.

Submit review request here :

But no solution and my blog still not opening from 11 days ago.

Help me..

But my blog still not opening from 11 days ago.
Chuck said…

You have a known problem, and you need to report this in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, so Blogger can be advised.

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