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A Notable Point

As Pal puts it in Blogger Buzz: Known Issues for Blogger in Beta
Issues that affect a large group of users will be resolved promptly (meaning that an engineer will start to work on it right away) whereas problems that just apply a single blog or account may take a little longer to fix.

I've been noting this for some time.
Well, consider this:
  • Problems that aren't reported don't get worked on.
  • Problems that affect more people get worked on by the more experienced staff. If you know about the problem, and don't report it, it won't rise in the queue as much as it could. So if it isn't seen immediately, it's your fault.
  • Computers are unique. Maybe your problem report will provide the necessary clue, and help the problem get solved.

So, Report The Problem, when you have anything to report.

And it's also encouraging to look at the spammer gallery, and see how many are dead. And my experience has been that the sooner you kill a spammer, the less spammers will come around in the future.

So, Report The Spammers, immediately, when you see their shite. And if you look a few days later, and their shite is still there, report them again.


parnellpr said…
Hi I was wondering if you could help me on this. I just did a copyscape search to see if any content from my blog was being used. I found this scroll down and you will see something called onlinepoker1, click on it and it takes you to a page saying that this profile is unavailable. How has this happened? From the text on the original page it seems as if it was something to do with my profile ( now invisible to the public). This is all very confusing and makes me angry.

Chuck said…

You need to make your profile visible. I can't access your profile either.

Better yet, write in my guestbook, and make a private post with your email address.

I'll work on this with you, but I can't use blog comments for 2 way conversation.
Paris said…
Hi, Chuck.
I've saw you have in you blog a list of "Previous Posts".
All instructions that i've found in blogger seems refer the old style for tags, and my subscription uses the new
How do you get done this funcionality in your blog?
Thanks in advance.
Chuck said…
Hi Paris,

My "Previous Posts" section in "The Real Blogger Status (a Classic blog) are the same as "Posts anteriores" in "Ăšltimas Dores" (also a Classic blog). With a Beta blog, you'd have the Archives section, which is way better.

Why not post this question in Google Blogger Help - How Do I?, so we can figure out what you need to do.
Daniel said…
Hey, I've emailed Google/Blogger 3 times about my Beta lockout under my old login with explicit details. DO I take it that this problem hasn't effected many other bloggers, because the help group would indicate otherwise ?!

I mean, if the can't/won't fix it could they at least own up to it ?!
Chuck said…

My SWAG (scientific wild ass guess) is that Blogger resolved 90% of the Beta lockouts when they normalised the login process.

Having eliminated the easy 90%, I'd bet they will now be concentrating on the 10% like you.

That said, I would still advise you to be patient yet persistent. Fill out a new report daily, and submit a new Help Form. And reply to the botmail each time.

Or blog your problem, and submit the link in the daily Help Form. I started The Real Blogger Status back in March of this year, and purely to document my reocurring "403 Forbidden" problem. I had no intention of making RBS into a permanent blog. But it is now.

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