Friday, March 02, 2012

Your Blogger Account: Anonymity Vs Security

One of the most frustrating problems with Blogger accounts involves the conflicting goals of anonymity and security.
  1. We are allowed to publish a Blogger blog in complete anonymity. Blogger acknowledges and supports that need.
  2. Anonymity comes at a price. Should you succeed in intentionally becoming completely anonymous, then forget the account name or password, there will be no way for Blogger to help you to recover access to your Blogger account.
Every week, we get reports from people who can't access their blogs because they changed their email address without proper planning, or they don't know which account owns a given blog. And some time ago, we dealt with a small flood of reports from people whose Blogger accounts - and blogs - had been stolen, using some devious hacking techniques.

Considering the need to prevent account and blog hijacking, yet allow people to be able to recover account access after changing email address, Blogger and Google have added an additional option for account authentication. This option may not please people who value anonymity, though.

Blogger / Google has added an additional account verification option, Two Step Verification. This will improve the chance of your being able to recover account access, if you forget the account name or password.

Two Step Verification - which uses your cell phone or home phone as a verification token - will not work, for everybody.For people who understand the risk of having ones Blogger account hacked - or who want to provide an additional option for account recovery when necessary, however, this is a solid option.

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Jan's Funny Farm said...

Many bloggers have been reporting that they have only been given the option of a CELL phone with texting. No option for a home phone call. Because of this I checked my Google profile and found Google had done the same to me - listed my home phone as a mobile phone with texting. A landline and a cell w/ texting are not the same thing. Folks should check their accounts to be sure the landline they listed has not been re-listed as a mobile phone. No joke!