FTP Publishing - October 2009

A Private Blog May Not Be Completely Private

What's In The Boxes?

Accepting Membership In Another Blog May Change Post Editor Settings

Blogs Showing The WMX Verification File, Instead Of Main Page

Keep Malicious Content Out Of Your Blog

Waiting For The Tap On The Shoulder

The New Navbar

Identifying And Blocking Malicious Comments

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You Have To Read The Local Language

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Custom Domain Problems - October 2009

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Private Blogs And Commenting Policy

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LinkWithin - A Graphic Equivalent To Labels

Lighten Up, Francis

FTP Publishing and Yahoo Hosting - October 2009

Embedded Comments and Post Pages

The CAPTCHA, IFrames, And Embedded Comments

Blogger Limits: Blog Ownership Count

Your Blog, Custom Domains, And Virtual Hosts

Remove Gratuitous / Offensive Comments, Completely

New Blogger Limits 2009 - Labels, Again

A Small Change - October 2009

Manage The Blogs That You Follow, Carefully

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