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The "Reply" Option, For Embedded Comments

The option provided some time ago, to the embedded comment form, to allow "threaded" comments, is becoming quite popular.

Unfortunately, the "Reply" link does not always work. Blog owners and readers alike complain.
I click on "Reply", and nothing happens!
This problem appears to have accelerated recently, possibly resulting from the hasty rollout of the new anonymous comments CAPTCHA - but there are other less obvious possibilities, too.

The threaded comments "Reply" feature, a seemingly minor addition to the Blogger code base, can have problems with a number of issues.

  • A Full Blog Feed.
  • An up to date post template,
  • The Google "One account" login, and cookie filtering.
  • The recent addition of the anonymous commenting CAPTCHA.
  • The threaded comments script, and recent script filter updates.

A Full blog feed is required.

Many blog owners are not aware that the "Reply" option won't be available, without a Full Blog Feed. Go to the dashboard, and look at "Allow Blog Feed", under Settings - Other - Site feed.

For threaded comments, you will need a Full Blog Feed (for both comments and posts) - and this will exclude private blogs.

Any "Allow Blog Feed" selection, other than "Full", will be a problem.

An up to date post template is a good idea.

Threaded comments, like every other post and comment feature, works best on an up to date post template. Any time threaded comments stops working, and you have not changed the blog feed, try resetting the post template. Now, here's hoping that you have not made extensive post template tweaks.

The identity of the person who wants to reply is useful.

Threaded Blogger hosted comments code, like threaded Google+ hosted comments, other commenting scripts, and many other Blogger features, needs access to the login cookie, to identify the person preparing to comment. Because of the use of the Google "One account" login, "third party" cookie filters must be examined.

Anything that interferes with the CAPTCHA will be a problem.

The recent addition of the anonymous comment CAPTCHA, appears to have caused some problems. This may be an matter for Blogger Engineering to correct.

Anything that interferes with scripts will be a big problem.

All Blogger scripts, including the script which services the "Reply" link, are subject to script filtering. Script filters are subject to update, on every different client computer - generally without notice to the computer owner. Always check script filters.

Blog owners and readers, alike, need to be aware of the issues, to use Blogger effectively. Threaded comments are no exception to this requirement.


Two things: This a.m. I received via email your blog Troubleshooting Custom Domain...and it was dated Tues Nov 4th, loaded with info; have to read later; but I noticed the following boxed statement which is excellent.

"As you read this article, click on some of the many links in the text, and read the linked articles. Please think of this article as the first chapter in a very large book - right now, a book with 340 chapters."

I think something like this should appear in EVERY thing you post. people tend to read blogs without reading the links; your blogs provide in-depth stuff via your links. Angelina
Nitecruzr said…
LOL, Angelina,

Long ago I had a post, titled "Click On The Links", where I discussed the advantages and implications of HyperText, and Progressive Publishing. I removed it for two reasons.

Primarily, because AdSense (another story altogether) considered that post to promote excessive link clicking.

Secondarily, I realised that if people were clicking on the link, to read the post, they would not need to read the post. Conversely, people who would benefit from reading the post would probably not click on the link, in the first place.

Long ago, people were encouraged to colour normal text in blue - and links in red - to make links stand out. I like nice subtle colour changes, though.
Nitecruzr said…
BTW, Angelina,

You saw the "Troubleshooting" article appear because I like to have the "Troubleshooting" post appear at the top of my "Custom Domain Troubleshooting" label search.

Periodically, after I publish a few posts under the "Custom Domains" label, I change the date of the "Troubleshooting" post, so it shows up at the top of the "Custom Domains" label search.

I think that it makes sense to do this, since custom domains issues are the most troublesome to troubleshoot, and are constantly changing (hence the 340 posts (as of this month)).

I may setup something similar, with "Account Recovery / Authentication" and "Blogger Magic", later.
Patsy said…
I've allowed the full feed thingy and I'm still not getting some peple's comments. A friend has just told me she put in a comment and it appeared to be OK but didn't show immediately (as though I had moderation enabled which I don't) Her comment doesn't show anywhere, not even in spam.

Any suggestions?
Nitecruzr said…

I just left a test comment, on each of your blogs - and the comments show up, immediately.

Why not post in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, so we can diagnose what you're wondering about?
Patsy said…
Thanks so much, Chuck!

After I commented here I realised I used the embedded comments feature and took that off. Since then my friend tried again and was able to comment. That's the only change I made, so it must be what made the difference.
Nitecruzr said…
That's great news, Patsy! Thanks for the update!!
Nitecruzr said…
That being the case, Patsy, your friend should check "third party" cookie filtering. Comments made on other blogs, which may use the embedded form, will go better.

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