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The Stats "All Time" Display, And The 2011 Numbers

Occasionally in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, we see a curious question, which is repeated.
My blog Stats display is missing a complete year.
The problem is actually right there, in front of all of us - if we look. We showed this last year - for 2010.

Look at the Stats Overview tab, and the graph at the top of the display.

There's December 2010!
There's January 2012!!
What happened to "2011"?

My suspicion is that it's a deliberate omission, to get the graph to fit in the limited horizontal space. How will they get "All Time" to fit in that space, as the Stats display gets older, and "All Time" covers more years?

That being the case, it should not be that much work to add a little "broken line" symbol in the border, somewhere between "Septermber 2010" and "May 2012". Look how smoothly the line flows, in my graph, right through 2011. What does the graph for your blog show?

Fast forward to 2015, and we'll know the answer.

Life is full of mystery. Why not just deal with this one, and move on?

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I have the same ridiculous problem
Anthony Mango said…
"Deal with it and move on" about "take the time out to fix it and then we can all stop having to deal with it"? Spend some time correcting a problem like this rather than rolling out ANOTHER new layout for YouTube.

Want a way to fit everything in the graph? Have a navigation bar so you can scroll. Don't want to do that? Give the option to look at separate years like how you have the "month" view, just have a drop-down tab that has the years where you've had at least 1 page view and onward.

Problem solved. Didn't take me several years to think of those solutions.
Matthew C said…
I have a similar but worse problem. Firstly, the X-axis labels are wrong as they show my blog starting in May 2007 when in fact it started in August 2010. Secondly, the pop-up labels for each point on the chart are wrong (as well as disagreeing with the X-axis labels) - each time it gets to June it adds one to the year, so after June 2009, the next point is labelled July 2010; it then goes OK to June 2011 which is followed by July 2012!

Since we are now in June 2013, I am wondering what will happen in July - will it show 2014?
Chuck Croll said…

Can you please start a topic in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, so we can explore this in detail?
Dick Newell said…
My blog started in 2011. In stats overview 'all time', 2011 counts are labelled 2009, 2012 counts are labelled 2011 and 2013 are correctly labelled 2013.
Why do they do this?
Dick Newell, Cambridge, UK
Dave said…
Same ridiculous thing, it keeps adding more fictional half-years to stretch further back in time.

Currently my blog is said to have started in Sep 2006 rather than Sep 2010, with immediate skips from Nov 06 > Dec 07 > Jan 08 and then gradual jumps.

It can't be too long before it crosses into the previous century, or even before I was born.
Chuck Croll said…

We've been asking Blogger Support about this, for years.

IMHO, it's simply a lazy approach to making the entire blog history, for blogs existing since 2006, fit into that tiny space.

Maybe, they will develop something better, when they redesign the Blogger dashboard, again. How anxious are you, to see that happen?

Do you remember the last time they gave us the new, improved, dashboard?

In life, you gotta take the bitter with the butter.

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