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After Using "Buy a domain", Blog Owners Are Seeing "Server error" From Google Apps

Ever since Google ended its free Google Apps accounts, we've been seeing reports in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, about problems encountered when setting up a new Google Apps account, to administer a newly purchased custom domain.
Every time I try to login to Google Apps, using instructions in the email message, I get
Server Error: We could not process your request at this time, please try again later.

The limited function free Google Apps accounts, which can be only used for domain maintenance, do not work with the Google Apps account setup wizard, which is generally used after using "Buy a domain". When you see "Invalid request" or "Server error", you need to reset the password for the "bloggeradmin" account, for your domain.

Start by accessing the Google Apps administrative account reset wizard, for your domain. If you use GMail for your email, or other Google products, try to use a different browser for Google Apps. Alternately, use an "Incognito" window, in Chrome - or a "Private" window, in Firefox. Or, clear cache, cookies, and sessions - then restart the browser, when possible.

For this domain, "", I would access the account reset wizard as
or possibly

You simply change "", to your domain URL, to reset the administrative password for your domain.
(Update 2013/11/03): This process should be slightly simplified, with Google Apps now using the new integrated Google login screen.
Having solved the CAPTCHA in the reset screen, Google will send a password reset email message, for the "bloggeradmin" account for your domain, to the email address used by your Blogger account. Once again, this is a bad time to be using Blogger anonymously.

Open your email, then open and execute the email message, to reset the bloggeradmin Google Apps account. Be sure to enter the complete Google Apps account name, in the Google account reset screen.

Once the password is reset, login to Google Apps. Then retrieve the login tokens, from the Google Apps desktop, to access eNom or GoDaddy.

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Fahad Ashfaque said…
Thanks for your helpful post.

How did you have a separate subdomain for blogging ?

I registered a domain through Blogger. I don't really want to use the main to go to the blog. I want to use a subdomain like and I want DNS settings to route to my own web server How do I do that ? Thanks
Bec Z said…
I have tried all your instructions and i still get the error message. Any new information about this issue or advise i could try. So frustrating! Thanks for your blog, it's very helpful
Rebecca Varley said…
This doesn't work for me! What can I do now?
Chasing Joy said…
This was helpful once I realized that the email I needed to send the reset to was bloggeradmin@ my domain. Thank you.
the domain registration loop is also never ending for me.... none of the advice on forums / blogs is working .... is there any way to actually contact Google and ask for hlep?
Chuck Croll said…

You're going to have to post your problem in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, and ask for help there.
Mr. Bandith LY said…
Thank you very much. I this very helpful for me.
Sean Kidd said…
Thank You Chasing Joy!!!!! I cant believe it was that easy haha.
Xlovehappyx said…
thank you for this :)
Elyse-Anne said…
Thank you!! It was driving me nuts for the past few days... You are God send!
Run with Jess said…
I'm still so confused by this... Even when I try to log-in as how do we know what the password is to log-in??
Dominic Uwajeh said…
I love this its a life saver after 3 months thanks
Dixie Redmond said…
Thanks so much!
Caila said…
Thank you, this was so helpful! I couldn't figure it out until I read your post. Now I'm set. Thanks again!!
Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for posting this info. I have been struggling for 2 months with google, google checkout, and anything really google related to just simply update my credit card info. so my domains wouldn't cancel out. This was the only solution I have found that works!
Thank you so much, I thought I was going to have to say goodbye to my domain until I found your links to this post on the Google forum.
Very useful information. I wish I knew this a long time ago. Thanks!!

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