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Remove The "Next Blog" Link From The Navbar

Ever since Blogger added the "Next Blog" link to the Blogger Navbar, blog owner and readers alike have periodically asked one question, in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?.
How do I remove the "Next Blog" link, from the Navbar?
The "Next Blog" link, long ago added to generate random traffic for new blogs, is occasionally perceived as leading unwary readers to blogs where they should not wish to go. Some "adults" of various intention have asked this question, quite seriously, in fear of their blogs being inadvertently linked to blogs with unsavoury content.

The navbar coded as it is, there is no known ability to customise it, and to remove specific elements such as the "Next Blog" link. Generally, we simply advise people, when they have the need, to remove the Navbar.
Use the Layout wizard, Edit the "Navbar" gadget, and select "Off".

That noted, it is possible to remove the "Next Blog" link (and all buttons and links to its left), with a bit of CSS - for blogs with the owner able and comfortable with using the Template Designer. For a simple way to remove the "Next Blog" link, use the "Add CSS" menu option in the Template Designer, and add one snippet of code.
#navbar-iframe {

When you do this, you will lose 5 other buttons and links.
  • The dashboard icon.
  • The Blog Search window.
  • The "G+ Share" icon.
  • The share count display.
  • The multi-function share / "Report Abuse" menu.
So hackers / spammers will appreciate the last menu being unavailable, on their blogs.

You may see this tweak demonstrated, in my New Template Laboratory. It's an ugly solution - but for blog owners who truly don't want their blogs linking to "Next Blog", it may be useful.

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Unknown said…
3 years after you posted this, and it is still helpful! That's what I call valuable content. My blog is Still working on the valuable content. Thanks for your help!

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