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Internet Explorer V8 / V9 And The New Blogger GUI

Back when Internet Explorer V8 was first released by Microsoft, and Blogger had yet to update their code to allow for its peccadilloes, some Blogger blog owners used the Internet Explorer "Compatibility View" switch, to make their browsers work with Blogger (when they were using the Blogger "Classic" GUI).

We've recently been seeing an increasing number of people in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, using Internet Explorer, who report problems with The New GUI.

With Blogger code written for Internet Explorer V8 / V9, people who use Internet Explorer V7 - or use V8 / V9 that runs as if V7 (with "Compatibility View" enabled) - are having problems using the New Blogger GUI.

The most popularly recommended solution for problems like the White Screen Of Death has been to switch back to the Classic GUI. A more effective long term solution, for people using Internet Explorer in Compatibility Mode, would be to stop using Compatibility Mode.
  1. From the Internet Explorer menu, select "Tools" - "Compatibility View Settings".
  2. In Internet Explorer, click on the "broken page" icon, at the end of the address bar.
  3. Remove "" from the "Compatibility View Settings" list.

Don't have Internet Explorer work like IE V7, now that Blogger has updated their code - and IE V7 is not supported.

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Lyle Daggett said…
Thanks so much for this post. You may have just solved a problem and/or mystery that's been hobbling me with my blog for the past couple of months.

I also had been running into problems with the "white screen" effect under the new interface, and I switched back to the old interface. (I have IE V9.)

However when I posted this evening (first post of any length since early April), I found that in the old interface some things in the Compose window didn't work -- the Bold and Italics buttons, and the button for adding a link. * I was able to figure out workarounds for them in the Edit HTML window, but it was frustrating.

** When I read your post here, I checked my Compatibility View Settings, and the only item in my list was in fact I removed it from the Compatibility View Settings.

Then I went in and starting typing a "test" post, and this time the Bold and Italic and Link buttons worked. At least they did in the Compose window -- I didn't actually save or post the test post. But it did everything I attempted.

With any luck this will help things whenever Google finally forces everyone onto the new interface. Crossing my fingers. (And checking out Wordpress, just in case.)

Again thanks.
Neel N said…
I removed this code
'IE=EmulateIE7' http-equiv='X-UA-Compatible'/

and after removing it works properly on all all versions of ie
asdense ads were not displaying now they do.

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