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Blog Owners Reporting Posts Publishing Without Page URLs

We are seeing a small amount of blog owners who report that their blogs appear to be publishing new posts without individual URLs. The latest posts, when indexed in the Archive gadget, or in the post titles, simply link to the main page of the blog. Some reports mention that links in the "Edit Posts" / "Posts" menu also link to the main page, while other reports explicitly state that the links in "Edit Posts" / "Posts" are fine.

Checking this post, I can see no apparent problem - so it appears that this problem is not affecting all blogs. The extremely low reporting volume suggests that the problem has a very limited victim population. I did examine one blog, where the URL was provided - and verified that the problem existed for a significant number of recently published posts.

We have a rollup discussion in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, where we are requesting details, from blog owners who are observing this problem with their blogs.

If you are observing this problem with posts in your blog, please provide details, as best possible.
  • What's the URL of the blog?
  • Do you use Blogger Post Editor, or a third party publishing tool like "Windows Live Writer", to compose and publish your posts?
  • If Blogger Post Editor, do you publish posts using the Classic or the New GUI?
  • When did you first observe the problem?
  • When did you last not observe the problem?
  • Are you seeing the problem only in the blog content, or also in the "Edit Posts" / "Posts" menu links to View the post?
Right now, details about this problem are badly needed, so at least the scope of the problem can be determined.

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