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What's The BlogID Of My Blog?

This blog is (for those of you not familiar with it) "The Real Blogger Status".

The URL (name) of this blog is currently "", and it was previously "". Subject to the details involved in the renaming process, I am entitled to rename this blog anytime that I wish, and the name (URL) can change, anytime I do so.

There is another "name" for the blog, that does not change (unless I should perform a blog / URL swap).

The BlogID is the internal name, that's setup when the blog is first created. Look at the source for the blog, in the header.


<link href='' rel='canonical'/>
<link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml"
title="The Real Blogger Status - Atom"
href="" />
<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml"
title="The Real Blogger Status - RSS"
href="" />
<link rel="" type="application/atom+xml"
title="The Real Blogger Status - Atom"
href="" />
<link rel="EditURI" type="application/rsd+xml" title="RSD"
href="" />

There we see two places to find the BlogID.

If you are a blog member, you can also find the BlogID in a few links in your dashboard. In some cases when asking for help in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, you may need the BlogID, as well as the URL.

Since the BlogID is easily visible in the blog source code, you'll not hide it with any useful result. The BlogID, when known, won't provide a hacker or blog thief access to the dashboard. Any URL which contains "blogID" can only be used by a blog owner or administrator.

If I were unlucky, and this blog was to be locked as suspected spam, the BlogID would become the LockedBlogID. In this case, the LockedBlogID may be the only thing useful in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.


Anonymous said…

Where do you tell how to find the proper URL? I don't see how to find our locked blog's BlogID.

You tell the importance of it, and you suggest there are a couple of places to find the info in our dashboards, but you don't indicate where in the dashboard.

Thank you.

Mike of Nkdgyz
Nitecruzr said…
Where do you tell how to find the proper URL? I don't see how to find our locked blog's BlogID.


I just added some colour, and an additional link, to the instructions. Please re read, and see if that makes it easier.

It does occur to me though that, since you have provided the BlogSpot URL, you do not need the BlogID or lockedBlogID. The BlogSpot URL is fine.
Anonymous said…
Hi Chuck,

OK, thank you. It seems it is useful info to have, the blogID.

Your follow-up is cool too. The public blog URL should suffice in the help forum in my case.

I find it somewhat ironic that a blog service that is meant to be easy, one-touch publishing can become so frustratingly difficult when things don't go right.

That's not your fault. It's the system. In this case, Blogger's system.

Thanks again.

Mike of Nkdgyz

PS: Let me ask you an off the wall question. IDK if you work for Google. If you do, can Blogger employees access locked accounts to help troubleshoot problems or do you have to go about investigating issues another way?

I think it really poor on Blogger's part that blogs are locked before suspected problems are verified. If I could access my own blog I might be able to find the problem myself. Even if I could only access it and not be able to publish.
Nitecruzr said…

I see where you are coming from.

In rebuttal I will simply ask that you carefully examine the numbers involved - total blogs to righteous spam locks to unrighteous spam locks.

And understand that locking before review is necessary to prevent the spammers from playing an endless game of 3 Card Monte, with their spam blogs.

The spam "classification - lock - review" process has to be automated - and it has to go in this order. Really. It's the only way that Blogger will ever make headway against the genuine spam, which, in turn, enables them to have the time to spend reviewing unrighteous spam classifications.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for responding.

I don't wish to play Devil's advocate. There are a thousand examples of what is wrong with your argument. I will just say that it really is only possible to see Blogger's side from the inside.

I get the numbers. I'm a numbers person. 60,000 new blogs a day, 5,000 new spam blogs a day, etc.

But that is not suppose to matter to me and other Blogger users. It is Blogger's job to care about that. It's like a mechanic fixing a broken alternator and trying to tell the car owner how to drive. The driver doesn't want to hear that. They just want their car fixed.

It is customer service. It is about providing a product or service that works the way it is designed to, and it is about reliability. No one wants a car that won't start when they get in it and turn the key.

IDK, in the help forum it seems that many responses are sort of blaming users instead of Blogger taking responsibility.

I think I have followed the 4-step process to work towards getting our blog unlocked. My fingers are crossed.

Thank you for your responses and take care.

Mike of Nkdgyz
Nitecruzr said…


Spam sucks - we all (except the spammers) know this. In order to deal with the spam, Blogger is going to make some blog owners unhappy.

So you submitted your blog for review. Blogger will review you as objectively, and as promptly, as possible.

Man up, and deal with it.
Gilbert Lazarus said…
Hi.. I am a new blogger. I'm just curious. Is it wise to share the blog ID on a page on the blog? If it is not wise, what can someone do with your blog using your blog ID? What does blog ID do besides of the Locked Blogging?

Thank you very much, I am really looking for your reply
Nitecruzr said…
Hi Gilbert,

Thanks for your question - and welcome to Nitecruzr Dot Net.

The BlogID is a publicly visible blog component. You can see my BlogID - and I can see yours. It's not a secret.

Look at your blog source, from the browser.

You'll find the BlogID, in various places. Look in my blog header, for a blog feed URL. That's just one example.

Most uses for the BlogID are when you access your dashboard. Can you access my dashboard?

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