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Blogs Composed Using Microsoft Word Causing Problems With Auto Pagination

Besides the somewhat predictable cases of blogs with lots of text and / or pictures, comes a third possibility for problems with Auto Pagination - excessively complex HTML. We've noted before that Microsoft Word generates a lot of complex and mysterious HTML - and some large blogs, which contain a lot of articles composed under Microsoft Word, appear to be suffering from segmentation - possibly without justification.
My blog was BIG, and no one ever, not once, complained it was slow loading.

It's (almost) unbelievable how long Google is taking to flick the switch and restore things to how they were pre auto-pagination.
and the reply
It appears that you have done a lot of copy-pasting from MS Word into your blog, and unfortunately doing so will add a very large amount of unseen (but still 'heavy') HTML tags to your post.

If you look at the source code of this very short post (, you will notice the huge amount of garbage that MS Word adds.

If your blog is big (but not that big), and lacks huge amounts of text and / or pictures - and you're still seeing segmentation of the archives or main page - and you use MS Word for composing your posts, this is a possible reason why your blog display is being segmented.

Whether Blogger can actually filter MS Word ML code, before generating the blog display pages, is an interesting question. You might be better off removing all MSWord generated meta code on your own, if possible. Better yet - always paste content, unformatted (Ctrl+Shift+V).


Krystyn said…
If people are using word, why not use windows live writer? It's very similar to working in word, but without all of the "crappy copying and pasting."
Chuck said…

Good thought. My guess is that more people buy computers with MS Office packaged and / or buy MS Office because it's the office suite product most commonly used in business. WLW is an after thought.

Maybe this experience will motivate a few people to look at WLW.
I get a lot of HTML code from changing the font, color, style on the text editor bar above the Blogger composition box, I have hardly ever cut and paste from Word, and when I have cut and paste from anywhere, I have always eliminated their HTML and added my own (from the text editor within blogger). Does this mean I cannot avoid Auto Pagination unless I use the Blogger default font (Times), size (12 or Normal) and color (Black)?
Gabriele C. said…
I copy/paste from MS word and never had problems with the autopagination (it picks 15 posts now and I'm fine with that). Could it be because I use Word97, and may that change with the new laptop that comes with Word 2007? Would saving stuff as rtf.file and reopening, then copying from there be a way around the issue?
Chuck said…

Take a look at some of the blogs owned by the bloggers complaining about Auto Pagination. These are people who simply do not believe in limiting the size of their posts, nor of the main page, and who are now paying the price.

And they refuse to limit themselves, when told to do so - so Blogger is doing that for them.

And they are not that huge in number either.

And they try to justify themselves by threatening to move their blogs to WordPress.
Gabriele C. said…
Ah ok, so it's not so much MSWord as too long posts. Well, if one of my essays gets too long, I break it into 2-3 posts anyway, and most of my posts have less than 1500 words. I also limit the number of photos to 5-6 now (instead of up to 10 I sometimes put into one post). Those are small things to accomodate what I want my blog to be with Blogger restrictions.
Chuck said…
You have the right idea, Gabriele, even if you do insist in staying with antiquated code. Just look at how long it will take you to convert, double that figure, and establish a conversion threshold. HTML templates won't be around forever, nor will support for them be around forever.
Gabriele C. said…
Lol ok, I better get a book about the new stuff like XML and CSS - I learned HTML back in 1996 when there were no wysiwyg features and all that, and I'm used to work on the deep level. If I can still do that with a Layout template, AND if I can still do it for every post like now (fe. I edit the photo code to postcard size display*), I'll make the change some day. But since it's going to be more work than limiting the amount of photos per post, I won't do it tonight. :)

* I use downsized photos online, not the high res versions. They load faster and don't fill up the photo space Blogger offers. I only use like 7% of that by now and I have put more than 1000 photos on my blog over the last 5 years.
Nhantv said…
I have got trouble like Pagination like you said when I set up the table of texts on MS winword, then paste them on my blog post.
I have just seen only two posts on the main page that made me upset.
Fortunately, I have the solution on you blog, and I followed what you guided.
It's OK now and I want to thank you kindly. Cheers.
i was wondering why my blog shows only one post on the homepage while it is set to show about 15 pages? now what can i do to see 15 posts on the homepage of my blog? please, help me!
Chuck Croll said…

Which blog is a problem, for you?

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