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Making Your Domain Into A Google Custom Domain

If you have a non-Blogger web site, and want to publish a blog to the web site domain, it's easy enough to add the blog as a custom domain entry, and keep the web site.

Some folks have a domain, and they don't care about the web site or other current features - they just want Google hosting, and they want to get away from their current host. That's not a difficult task either.

You can transfer your current domain DNS hosting to eNom or GoDaddy.

From the GoDaddy home page, select "Domains", then "Transfer Domain". Prices and transfer rules probably vary, but start from the "Transfer Domain" page.

Looking on the eNom web site, we see a link for general support. Hopefully, they provide a similar, if not as visible, service.

You will need a transfer token, aka "EPP Code", which you get from your current registrar, to complete any change in registrar. Many registrars will not issue the EPP Code if you purchased the domain recently - generally within the last 30 or 45 days.

Having transferred to either eNom or GoDaddy DNS hosting, you'll simply have to setup your Custom Domain properly.

If neither eNom or GoDaddy are acceptable, you have other options - which may require more effort.


RAV TUX said…
Thanks for the post, I have found eNom to be great and their Advanced DNS Controls are easy and simple to use. I highly recommend eNom.

Nitecruzr said…
Hi Rav,

I've only had brief exposure to the eNom wizard. I found the eNom wizard to be simpler than GoDaddys, which made me wonder whether they offer the same amount of options. I do hope to write more about their offerings, when time permits.
Unknown said…
Hi Chuck,

I have an interesting customs domain scenario you may be interested in. I have followed your instructions (very nice, thanks!) to set up and - they both use the blogger address

The interesting thing is that actually redirects nicely to even though blogger continually gives me the "another blog..." error. I've done all the refresh things you can do in google aps etc. - and in the end I don't mind that blogger tells me another blog is hosted at when the redirect in practise seems to work despite the error!

The online dig looks good so I think I have done it correctly, and as it all works I presume I have, but blogger still gives me that little error on my settings page. Interesting! It's funny the error pops up even though it all works fine!

Anyway, I enjoy your blog, thanks for all the info.

George said…
Thanks for the answer about domain transfers.
Have a great day
Tamsyn Spackman said…
Thanks a lot! I don't like your background- I had to highlight the text in order to read it. It was worth it though- this post was lifesaver!

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