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Publishing Problem: Only The Title Is Posting

Blogger Support reports resolution of a problem where
A fraction of old Blogger blogs are returning 403 Forbidden errors. All template images served from are also returning this error, resulting in broken templates.

Oddly, though, more reports of this symptom keep being posted in the forums. The primary symptom noted is inability to post anything but titles.

Subsequent advice in the forums is, for folks continuing to report the problem, to clear cache and cookies.

But several questions remain, in my opinion, unanswered.

First, when should cache and cookies be cleared? Before publishing? Or after publishing, but before viewing?
  • If the former, then all affected blogs have to be republished, after the owner clears cache and cookies.
  • If the latter, then the owner can simply continue publishing, but all folks who recently read the affected blogs now have cached corrupt content, and must clear cache and cookies.

Second, should we clear cache, cookies, or both? Both cache and cookies affect access to multiple servers, not just Blog*Spot. Telling people, particularly blog readers, to clear cache and cookies because of a Blogger problem, shouldn't be done casually.

Third, what is the actual scope of the problem? Old Blogger (unconverted?) blogs, or New Blogger blogs, with Classic templates? Blogger Status specifically mentions
We apologize for this failure of old Blogger (you can see why we’re getting rid of it).

Or have Old Blogger (unmigrated) blogs, and New Blogger Classic template blogs, been given the same (temporary) status?

If this is happening to you, try and diagnose the problem.

(Edit 4/6): It looks like this problem continues, but is a bit more problematic when it happens to posts saved as Draft.

(Update 3/21): Blogger Employee is considering the browser, and plug-ins, as a possible part of the problem.
What browser are you using? Is is the latest version of the browser? What happens if you use a different browser? Do you have any plugins installed on your browser? What happens if you disable them?

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Jack Lucentini said…
Hi Chuck, just wanted to let you know this problem affects the new blogger, not just the old. It only started happening to me after I migrated to the new. See my post on the help group,

Beverley said…
Hi Well this is happening to me as well. I have tried all they have suggested but to no avail.

It is very frustating as I can't post at all other than titles.

I am using new Blogger and have been for a while but this is a new problem just recent so it doesn't appear to be link to switching over.

Hope there is some help out there somewhere. :/
Anikafriend said…
Same here.Im using the new blogger and it loads the new post page with "error on page" message.If I post in this , I just get the title. All is resolved when I refresh the page and I am then able to post.However, I am still unable to edit my page, post new links or change anything within the page layout. Help!!
Jewish Odysseus said…
I don't even get an error message, it just "posts" the new post, but no ontent-only the title.
Nitecruzr said…
Hey Odysseus,

That's exactly what everybody else is getting too. No error code. No "bX-nnnnnn" reference, just a post with no content.
M. said…
hello guys..
The same is happening to me as well.I will now try out the cookies thing and let you know. However I do use Internet explorer 6 and not firefox.
Hope it can be resolved soon so that we can enjoy our blogging.
Take care :)

M. said…
I am back again to say that you have to clear the temporary internet files and the cookies and publish directly.I managed to publish after 2 days.
Thank you for the help Chuck.


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