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Post Edit Problem: Uploaded Photos Lack Link To Zoomable Full-Size Copy

One of the advantages of using Blogger, and including photos in your Blogger blogs that are hosted on Blogger, is the automatic thumbnail process. When you upload a photo, 2 copies of the photo are produced.
  • The thumbnail copy, which is properly sized to fit into the blog post.
  • The full size copy, which can be seen when you click on the thumbnail copy.

The code generated by the upload process includes both copies.
  • The thumbnail copy is displayed directly in the post.
  • The full size copy is linked from the thumbnail copy.

All of this is automatic. You upload the photo, and put the code wherever you like, in your post.

Recently, though, this is not the case. Several possibly related problems have been observed.
  • bX-*00002 : Uploaded Photos Lack Link To Full-Size Copy. In cases observed, the thumbnail pictures are only the embedded thumbnail sized image, with no anchor link to the full size photo. The full size photo is, however, apparently being uploaded, and in some cases, we can deduce its URL, add the anchor link to the affected posts, and correct that problem.
  • bX-*00004 : Full sized photos are too large and can't be zoomed. Previously, a full size photo, when displayed from the thumbnail link, would be properly sized to fit exactly in the browser window. A magnifying glass cusrsor would be presented; upon repeated (up to 3) left clicking, the picture would zoom to display greater detail.
  • bX-*00009 : Thumbnail pictures don't link directly to photos. In cases observed, the thumbnail picture is actually an embedded HTML object. You can't even click on that object and get a link to the thumbnail picture. This makes it harder to deduce the URL of the full size photo.

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