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This is a serious problem. It's not as Major as the bX-sp4hmm from a couple days ago, but it's being consistently reported in the Blogger Help Group.

Multiple people, deciding that using Google Custom Domains to publish their blogs, is not helping their efforts (detailed motivation unknown right now), are dropping GCD and republishing back to Blog*Spot. Or, they are trying, anyway.
Additional information
blogID: xxxxxxxx
uri: /

Here's 8 examples, from a search on "bX-1us3c3", thru Blogger Help Group.

** Of the 8 threads linked above, 3 of them (who provided details, as identified so far) stated that they setup forwarding from their blog to their external domain, THEN setup the GCD link from the domain to Blogger, and caused a redirect feedback loop. This, I don't think, is to be blamed on Blogger.

So, Nicole asks a good question
How do I fix it?

If a redirect feedback loop is to be fixed by us, we have to remove the components. A feedback loop requires 3 components, probably in this order.
  1. Forwarding from the blog to the external domain.
  2. DNS referral, from your registrar, to Google.
  3. Blog publishing to the external (custom) domain.
You're getting the bX-1us3c3 error when you try to reverse #3. Remove #1 and / or #2 first.
  1. Remove the forwarding in the blog.
  2. Remove the "CNAME" at your registrar.
Note that latter procedure #2 will involve latency, while the DNS records for your custom domain expire from DNS caches all over the world. Don't expect this to take effect immediately. It will almost certainly take longer than setting the DNS referral up in the first place.

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Nicole said…
Yes, but what exactly are you talking about? How do I fix it?
Alishah Novin said…
Is there still no fix? I'm dying here! I sent an email to the blogger support staff, haven't heard anything from them yet.

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