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This Is Not How To Solve Your Login Problems

On Mar 22, 9:43 am, (Name Has Been Omitted To Protect The Gullible) wrote:
I'm seeing lots of login problems posts, so I wanted to share what worked for me to fix my problem. After migrating to new blogger, I could no longer get in. When I entered my id and password, I would just go in circles with a refresh, or sometimes a "click here to continue" link that didn't work. I went through all the blogger helps files and did everything they said to do. I also have McAfee, and thought that might be the problem I changed javascript settings, security settings, privacy settings, and made sure all the URLs were in my allowed cookies. I turned McAfee off. Nothing worked.

So finally, instead of adjusting security settings manually, I just reset everything with the reset button. I use Internet Explorer.

Here's what worked for me:

  • Choose Tools > Internet Options > Security

  • Click "Custom Level"

  • In "Reset Custom Level" choose medium and hit "Reset"

I hated to hit that reset button, because awhile ago I had gone through all those security settings and custom set them one by one. So when I first read the blogger help files, I just adjusted the ones they said to change. It didn't occur to me until struggling for a few days that I should try just resetting all of them to default medium.

Good luck everyone.

An interesting workaround. Like all workarounds, it has its good and bad points.

The good?

If this produces results, then you are pretty certain that the problem was with security settings in your browser.

The bad?

Well, when you
"Reset Custom Level" choose medium and hit "Reset"
you just allowed every website access to your computer, under the security of the Trusted zone on your browser.

Check it out. There are 3 custom levels.

  • High.

  • Medium-high (default).

  • Medium.

You just set the Internet zone to Medium security, which is the most open you can make your browser. Medium security, which is how you set the Trusted zone. In other words, every website in the Internet zone (which is every website not in the Trusted, or Restricted zones) is now Trusted.

If the problem, in your case, is with Internet Explorer (and all of this is meaningless for Firefox) and its security settings, and not another program on your computer, or a security device on your network, the proper way to proceed is by designating Blogger.Com as a Trusted Domain. That will, selectively, enable Medium Level Security (again, the most open available setting) to Blogger.Com.

Just don't trust Blogspot.Com (all of the blogs, for heavens sake), Google.Com (ads from every commercial organisation in the world, and links to every website in the world), or HackerzRUs.Net (DOHH), unless you wish to join your computer to the latest botnet.

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