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Changing The Account Name On Your Blog

If you have a blog for a while, eventually you may decide that you would like to manage it from another account. Unfortunately, there's nowhere in Settings that says
Manage this blog from this account.

So what do you do? Basically, just add a second administrator to the blog. Then the second administrator may be able to remove the first from the blog.
  • Go to Settings - Permissions.
  • Invite a second person - enter an email address for that person (or your second email address, as you wish).
  • The invitee opens her / his email, and follows the link included with the invitation.
  • He / she identifies her / him self with a Google account. The Google account does not have to be a publicly known email account, but since it's a Google account, it will be an account with email possibilities.
  • Once the invitee has accepted access to the blog, from a Google account, you (in your current account) can return to Permissions, and look next to the invitee name. Find and select the "Guest" link. This will change to "Admin", meaning that the invitee now has administrative authority.
  • Once you've granted administrative authority to the invitee, he / she can go to the dashboard display, and she / he should see the various blog options that indicates administrative authority.
  • Once the invitee has administrative authority, he / she may have the option to go to Settings - Permissions, and remove the current administrator (you) from the list.

You Do Need a Google Account For A New Blogger Blog
For a New Blogger blog, you have to have a Google account - no more Blogger accounts. Google accounts are easy enough to get. If you have a GMail account, you have a Google account already. If you don't want to use your GMail account for any reason (and there are probably a few that could be listed), just assign yourself another Google account, and use that to manage your blogs. Or, you can use a non-GMail account, but it will have to be one capable of receiving and processing email from Google.


Unknown said…
Your blog is on my FeedDemon list and I've found it remarkably informative and helpful. Thank you for that. I do have a question, and I direct it to you because your posts are markedly concise and perhaps the answer will serve to assist others:

Is there an advantage of switching to Blogger Beta at this point, or is it better to wait until it's out of "beta?" And what are the advantages and disadvantages of Blogger Beta?

I've not seen anything truly succinct on this issue.

Nitecruzr said…
Thanks for your kind comments.

I have started an evaluation of Blogger Beta, and it's in (surprise) my Beta version of this blog.
Beta Evaluation.

It's a start. If you have any specific questions, please ask.
Sprawl said…
thanks so much, you just solved my problem ^_^
LDS Mormon Mom said…
have to say you have my gratitude and thanks - saved me hours in the forums and I can't thank you enough!
Thanks so much for this - very detailed and useful instructions
kado! said…
Thank you SO much...this is the EXACT info I was looking for!!! You've been tons of Help! THANKS! =)

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