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So today I see the report (paraphrased to protect the guilty)
I just finished publicising my blog, My Blog. I setup a Google Sitemap for my blog I submitted it to Google, MSN, and Yahoo. I even did Dream Submit. I waited a couple days, and Googled some of the keywords in my meta tag. My blog wasn't in the search list. I even Googled for my blog by name - nothing. What now?

Well, what now is that you have to wait. The search engine spiders won't be there, checking out your blog, immediately. It could be days, or weeks, before your blog is even noticed. And weeks before it's indexed to any degree of usefulness.

Even after your blog is indexed, if it shows up in any typical search lists, it will probably be at the end. To get listed on the first page, you have to have weight. To have weight, you have to have content, plus people have to click to your blog, and hopefully link to it. None of this will happen during the first week.

And BTW, if you do get a hit from Googling for "My Blog" , or "", don't expect for the visitors to come rolling in. Nobody else is going to look for your blog by its name. You have to be included in real live search lists, before you get any possibility of visitors. And your blog description has to look interesting, so someone who sees the search list entry clicks on it, giving you an actual visitor.

And when you do start to get visitors, make sure that you have content, to encourage them to return.

Patience, young Skywalker.


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Beatrice V said…
Thanks for "make your visitors happy" and "patience", I still cannot figure out how to maneouvre the Feeds, but never mind.. :)

I'm sure you're busy, but maybe you can help me. I've posted my question in "Help" but nobody answers. Here is my question, below.


I STILL don't understand how I find other blogs on Blogger that are
within my field of interest. When I try to search it goes outside of
Blogger and into Google. Is there an internal search function that
will tell me about other blogs on Blogger? How can I find "writers,"
for example, or "painters?" There's a spot called "Blogs of Note." Are
they the only ones I can visit? Or can I visit other blogs and leave
comments? If so, where are the blogs and how do I find them? I want to
go to other blogs and leave comments and invite their comments on my
blog. How do I do that?
Nitecruzr said…

Google Blog Search is your friend.
Thanks a million, Chuck! At last! Something solid. Google Blog Search. Yep! I'm bookmarking it. Otherwise I'll never find it again. It's an ocean out there...
Thanks a million, Chuck! I appreciate your help.
"You have to be included in real live search lists, before you get any possibility of visitors."

Excuse my moronicness (moroness? moronicity?) but what are Real Live Search Lists and how do you get on them?

Thanks for all your help, you're a wonder.
Nitecruzr said…

This blog is "The Real Blogger Status". If somebody went and Googled for "The Real Blogger Status", they would likely get a hit list that included this blog, and this blog would (hopefully) be at the top. Being at the top would increase the chance of a casual visitor clicking on a hit list link that leads to this blog, and I get another reader.

How many people are going to Google for "The Real Blogger Status"?

I want search list entries for "custom domain 404 error", "layouts templates spacing issue", or maybe "blogspot connectivity problem" to lead to this blog, and to the articles that I have written. Those are real live search lists - things that people might actually search on, and things that would get me readers who want to read my wisdom. Not searching for "the real blogger status".

You get search reputation from having people click on the search list entries, and more people click on the search list entries that are at the top. If your content is relevant to the searches, not juiced using SEO techniques, you get readers who will read what you provide, and return later to read more.

And that's what real live search lists are, and why you want them.

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