Thursday, December 13, 2012

Blogger Magic - Activating The Blog Feed

One of the neatest - and easiest - ways to make your blog available to a larger audience uses a replica of the blog posts - the blog newsfeed. Most blogs, when new, have the feed activated by default.

Oddly enough, some blogs do not publish a newsfeed. Some blog owners, wondering why their blogs are not being indexed by the search engines, are perplexed.
Why isn't my blog publishing a feed?

You activate the various newsfeeds from the dashboard Settings - Other - Site Feed wizard. Routinely, you'll have one setting - "Allow Blog Feeds" - and this setting will affect all feed options equally. If you select "Custom", you can enable or disable any of the 3 feed options, separately.
  • Blog Posts Feed
  • Blog Comments Feed
  • Per-Post Comment Feeds

Each setting will have 3 possible selections - Full, Until Jump Break, Short, None.

(Note): If you enable a feed, it is available to anybody with a feed reader, either a feed reader that they personally use, or one built in to a blog. There is no option to limit feed access - feeds are available, equally, to all interested parties. This is why feeds are not published by limited access (private) blogs.

If you fear that unknown parties might steal content from your blog by using your feed, don't publish a Full feed, publish a Short feed. This will require anybody wishing to read a complete post to access your blog, rather than reading it in their newsreader.

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Chris Kearin said...

"From the dashboard Settings - Other - Site Feed wizard." I'm not seeing this; can you be more specific about how to get to these settings?

F.A.Ellis said...

Thanks,for the advice.It's definitely good to know.

F.A.Ellis said...

Thanks,for the advice.It's definitely good to know.