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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where's The Dashboard?

We see this confusion, a couple times a week, in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?.
Where is the dashboard?
In the Classic Blogger GUI, the display which contained the "Blog List" (at the top), and the "Reading List" (at the bottom) was labeled "Dashboard". Many people also called the "Settings" / "Template" screens for the various blogs, linked from the Blog List, the dashboard.

The New Blogger GUI has no page with the label - and no links "To The Dashboard". The Navbar (another unlabeled feature) has two links - "Design" and "New Post" - which lead to different dashboard sections, when you are appropriately logged in to Blogger. And, the "B" logo at the far left of the navbar will, similarly, take you to the Blog List / Reading List.

The Blogger Dashboard is simply the "Blog List" / "Reading List", and all attached utilities which you, the owner, administrator, or author, access, as you manage the blog.
  • Change various blog settings.
  • Control the post template.
  • Publish and edit posts.
  • Edit the blog template.
  • Add, delete, and reposition accessory gadgets.

It's similar to driving in The United Kingdom. Each major highway there is named for the neighbouring town, where it leads. If you drive from Town "A", to Town "B", the street in Town "A" will be signed as "Town B Road". When you look at the street signs, and you see that you are now on "Town A Highway", you will know that you are now in Town "B".

When you see the blog utilities, that you seek, then you are there.

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Amy Hussey said...

Thank you!!! I just spent about 20 minutes looking all over my dashboards for the dashboard!

Candy said...

It has taken me 3 days to find this answer!!! Ii thank you VERY MUCH :o)