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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Real Blogger Status / WordPress Edition #2

Having just created my latest masterpiece Stolen Computers, I felt it would be appropriate to resynchronise my WordPress Edition. And found that to be a relatively painless experience.

I mainly repeated the previous experience, as chronicled in The Real Blogger Status / WordPress Edition #1.

In one issue worth noting, when you go to the Import Blogger screen, under Selecting A Blog, you'll see a list of all of the blogs imported to date. If the blog of interest shows at "100%" (which would be normal if imported already), when you click on that blog to import it again, nothing useful will happen.

You'll have to click on the Reset the importer link below the Selecting a Blog list. This will result in a scary warning about deleting all posts and comments (DOHH). Once that is done, the "100%" will change to "0%" for all blogs in the list. So it would appear that if you intend to reimport any already imported blogs, you'll have to import all of those already imported. Or at least note which ones have been imported, as the list will be cleared. Also, it would appear that, though any comments attached to the Blogger edition will be imported, any comments made directly to the WordPress edition will be lost.

In other words, this is not a blog synchronisation process - just a straight import process (DOHH).

I do note that all dates of original (imported) posts and commenst, along with all text and links, appear to be imported quite nicely. On a downside, and as noted in my previous installment of this saga, all links to other posts in this blog go back to the blog imported from, in my example to So again as noted in The Real Blogger Status / WordPress Edition #1, this process does not create a mirror. When Blogger is down, you'll be able to refer any folks needing advice to the WordPress edition, but that will only show them the first page of any referenced article - any links go back to Blogger.

See The Real Blogger Status / WordPress Edition #3 for the continuing experience.

Dude, hit me with a comment!

Mama Mouse said...

SOOOOO .... if you intend to do a mirror site at Word Press AND keep the Blogger site ... you will have to publish new articles (after the initial importing) in BOTH places. That way, from then forward your links should be able to go to the correct site (the one you are at) ... except for the imported ones.

I'm not sure if that is clear ... it isn't even clear to me, but I'm trusting you will be able to figure out what I mean! If not I can try to rephrase ... the key word here being TRY!

I'm thinking of doing this myself but I have 250 posts to import and am a little leery. Assuming Blogger is running well (at least for Blogger) ... am I looking at minutes or hours for the importing to get done?

Dirty Butter said...

Well, I've not tried Word Press, so it's clear as mud to me. Sorry. I just don't have any reference to understand what you're talking about. My fault, I'm sure.

Anyway, keep up the good work. If I ever do change to Word Press, I'll certainly know where to come for help!!


Chuck said...

It's all a learning experience. If you're learning, you're using your computer. If not, you have a computer.