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The "Notable" Theme - Title Formatting Improvement

I published this blog to the "Notable" theme of the "Responsive" class templates, in February 2018.

I never spend a lot of time tweaking and making blog formatting changes - there are so many other Blogger issues to write about. But that ugly big black box, at the top of each post page, was in my list of improvements needed.

And last week, I found the motivation, and instructions, to improve the look of this blog.

The big black box title, in the Notable page / post page, bothered me for several months.

Last week, I improved the look, in my individual page and post pages.

Look at what I had, earlier this year.

If you published your blog using "Notable", you have the same ugly page / post title.

When I knew where to tweak, this was a 10 minute tweak - using the Template Designer "Advanced" menu.

First, I changed the colors.

The "Notable" default "Post title color" and "Post title background color".

"ffffff" and "5e5c61", respectively. Ugly. You can examine an example post in my demo blog - and compare with the same post, in this blog.

For those of you who don't realise - the "Responsive" themes have a cornucopia of settings, for "Individual Post or Page", that may not be visible to you. I wonder how many blog owners never see these other settings?

Zoom out, 5 clicks, to see the many settings that you can make. The Template Designer may not support "Zoom" - so Zoom another tab in the browser window, then return to your Template Designer session.

Look at all of the settings, for "Individual Post or Page"!

Then, back to this Template Designer session.

My blog new "Post title color" and "Post title background color".

"5e5c61" and "ececec", respectively. You can see the results, here.

Next, I removed the box.

Having made the post title prettier, I next resized it, to not block out so much screen space.

Using "Add CSS", I added one rule, obtained from reading the right forum post.

body.item-view .Blog .post-title-container{

Compare the result.

Look at this post - and compare with my demo Notable blog post, which retains the big black box. Decide for yourself - I know which alternative I prefer.

I upgraded this blog to use the "Notable" theme in the exciting new #Blogger "Responsive" class templates, in early 2018. I always considered the big black box title, in the page / post pages, to be ugly.

Last week, I was able to make this blog a bit prettier, using 10 minutes of my time - and the Template Designer Advanced menu.


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