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AdSense, Blogger Blogs, And Social Network Sharing

Many people who publish blogs also have FaceBook pages - and one of the easiest ways to get traffic, to the blog, is to share the blog to a FaceBook page.

Some people want money for publishing their blogs. AdSense is a very popular way to earn from publishing. AdSense produces the best results, with lots of readers to read the blog, click on the ads, and buy the products and services advertised.

FaceBook, and similar social network sharing services, is not the best choice for advertising a blog that uses AdSense ads.

You can share your blog through social networks like FaceBook, if you wish.

If you emphasise social network sharing when advertising your blog, you will have a large, unfocused following population. Many people who follow you won't be interested in the advertisements on the blog - and won't buy the products and services advertised.

FaceBook and Twitter can provide traffic - but is it the right traffic?

Some people will use social sharing, and urge their friends to
Read my blog - and Like my FaceBook page!

This will simply send a lot of traffic to the blog, to have people "Like" their FaceBook page. AdSense calls this invalid / low quality traffic - and rejects such blogs from their programme.

Social networking, used to share a blog, sends lots of traffic to the blog - but is the traffic useful?.

Google+, and the search engines, can provide relevant traffic.

To develop a focused reader audience, publish informative, interesting, relevant, and unique posts. That encourages search engine activity - and gets search related traffic. If you emphasise search related traffic, you spend less time using FaceBook, and asking people to "Like" your blog.

Search related traffic targets the blog subject - and the ads provided by AdSense are relevant to the blog subject. This produces readers who are interested in the blog subject, and in the ads - and who will click on the ads, read about the products and services, and buy the products and services advertised.

With relevant traffic, the ad managers who provide the ads, for their company, are paid well - and AdSense can charge more for their ads, as the premium ad hosting service.

You can encourage your readers to share your blog, as they like.

This blog provides sharing to FaceBook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter - using two sharing toolbars. The native Blogger toolbar is linked from the "Share" caption, at the bottom of each post.

I added the Blogger toolbar to this blog, using the "Show Share Buttons" selection in the "Configure Blog Posts" wizard. Later, I added my personal AddThis toolbar, that floats in the left edge of each display.

Having added the toolbars, you have 8+ icons to choose from, to share this post and others.

I routinely share new posts in this blog, to FaceBook, Google+, and Twitter. If this post, or any other, interests you, you are welcome to share to any of 4 social networks (linked from the Blogger toolbar), or any of 200 (linked from the AddThis toolbar).

You can encourage sharing by your readers - if you include the AddThis, Blogger, and other third party sharing toolbars, in your blog.

Use the social sharing buttons, if you wish - selectively.

Both search engines and social sharing have their advantages - and disadvantages. You can get readers for your blog, using social networks - but try to get the right readers too.

To get readers who click on the ads and buy the services and products advertised, publish quality content - and get the blog indexed by the search engines with good position. Spend less time getting readers to "Like" your FaceBook page.

It's fun to advertise a #Blogger blog using social networking, like FaceBook - but if AdSense is part of the blog, you will get better results by publishing relevant and unique posts, and focusing on search engine indexing.


Jim Serrett said…
How Do You Post A Blog On Facebook?
Chuck Croll said…
Hi Jim,

Thanks for your question - and welcome to Nitecruzr Dot Net.

You can post a blog on FaceBook, using various sharing icons and toolbars.

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