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Edited Posts Will Not Produce Updated Newsfeed Content

I've written a few posts about editing post content - and discuss clearing cache after editing, to see updates.

Generally, my posts reference cached posts content. Sometimes, blog owners need to clear cached feed content, in addition to / instead of clearing cached post content.

There is a difference between post content, and newsfeed content - and how both are cached. Newsfeed cache is not as frequent a concern.

When we provide instructions to clear cached blog content, we reference browser cache.
Clear cache - then restart the browser, and check again.
or maybe
Clear cache, cookies, and sessions (yes, all 3) - then restart the browser, and check again.

Posts, updated after published, may create a problem with the posts newsfeed.

In some cases, updated posts may create an "out of sync" condition with the posts newsfeed, as well as the displayed content.

If comparing post content and feed content is important, you need to synchronize the newsfeed with the posts. This will restart the newsfeed - and sync it with the posts.

  1. Deactivate the blog feeds.
  2. Publish a post - or delete a recently published post.
  3. Reactivate the blog feeds.

Activate / Deactivate the blog feeds, using the "Allow Blog Feed" wizard.

The "Allow Blog Feed" wizard, on the dashboard Settings - Other page, in the "Site feed" section, is used to activate and deactivate the newsfeeds.

Look for "Site feed", and "Allow Blog Feed".

"Site feed" is on the Settings - Other dashboard page.

Open the drop down menu, and note the current setting. If you have "Custom" selected, dig deeper.

There are a few selections, in "Allow Blog Feed". For consistent results, note what you have before Step #1 - and re select them after Step #3.

This blog, like many others in Blogger, is "Always Under Construction".

This post, like many earlier ones, was just published. Now, I plan to spend many long hours, reorganising and tweaking the content, phrasing, spelling, syntax - and correcting typos.

If you wish, you can subscribe to any of several posts newsfeeds - and compare the newsfeed content in each, with the displayed posts content. The older any post is, the more changes will be made.

The more revisions I make, the less this post, and the posts feed, will match when compared. Check it, for yourself.

Maybe one day, I will need the feed, in this blog, be accurately updated to compare more closely to the updated posts. Many of my posts double in size, even after post publish edits are "complete".

If you use email, and other feed subscriptions, to read new posts in this blog, you may be missing out on interesting details, added long after posts are published.

Newsfeed content is published once, as each post is published.

Post content may be out of sync with feed content, because post content and feed content is not updated at the same time.

You can update your posts, when you wish. Newsfeed updates are published when the posts are published - and the cached newsfeed is not updated, when you edit a post after it is published.

When you synchronise published posts content with displayed content, you generally clear browser cache. Newsfeed cache is not in the browser - so the latter instructions won't help with newsfeed cache.

That is the basic procedure for syncing the blog content, and feed content. You may have other concerns, though, that might complicate the above procedure.

The procedure is exciting - but painless.

I initially published this post, without any photos - and we see my Reading List, an hour ago.

And my Reading List, after I restarted my blog feed.

It took all of 5 minutes, including making screen prints of my Reading List - before and after, to restart the newsfeeds.

As always, I'll suggest that you Follow this post - and observe the changes. And watch for changes (unlikely) to the newsfeed.

Many #Blogger problems, when being diagnosed, start with advice to clear browser cache (maybe, cache, cookies, and sessions). Not all problems involved the published posts - some involve the posts feed.

You can't clear feed cache, as you can browser cache, because newsfeed content is not cached in the browser. You can, however, force a newsfeed rebuild, by restarting the newsfeed.


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