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Don't Confuse Simplicity, And Easy Installation

One naive attitude, about publishing a Blogger blog, involves adding features to one's blog - and the observation that every Blogger feature or modification is not uniformly available, with entry level instructions.

We see the complaints, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, too frequently.
I can't get this feature to work! Why is Blogger so complicated?
I have no idea what I need to do. Please guide me, in simple language - as if I were 6 years old!
Both attitudes show lack of understanding about technical projects in general - and Blogger features, and modifications, in particular.

Just because Blogger help documentation is written in English - and various other languages - and many Blogger features are easy to use - this won't mean that every possible Blogger feature will be equally well designed and documented.

Even when your neighbour has setup a blog with a given feature, that does not mean that your blog requires that same feature to be installed - before you publish, with some content. And even if the feature of your choice is truly useful, for your blog, please don't complain if the documentation provided is not completely understandable, to you.

Some Blogger features require some background experience with Blogger - and even with technical principles in general.

If the process of getting the feature of your choice installed, or working, on your blog, is unsuccessful, please don't complain
Blogger is so easy to use. Why do some features require geek speak?
Much of Blogger is easy to use, because of incredibly complicated background system design.

Many features are not at all simple, in reality. What you see, on your blog or in the template, may be just a tiny iceberg tip.

Some Blogger features will always require some blog owners to do some research, and read more documentation. Please, don't demand help.
I don't speak techie! Please explain this to me, as if I were a six year old!!
You may have to accept some issues as your responsibility, and politely accept the advice provided. And then, read the articles behind the links.


I thank you for your post. I think that after having a particular feature work well and then confronting a problem to which there seems no easy answer (after a frustrating number of attempts to correct it), bloggers who don't have your expertise, rely on those of you to whom it seems to be second nature.
Although I can't claim to have studied blogger on a master level, the reason I chose blogger was because of it's simplicity, and the option to view the HTML to attempt to learn more.
I do appreciate your help with my problem, and am relieved to discover I'm not the only simpleton in the crowd.

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