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Use Mixed Case URLs, When Publishing, Carefully

This blog is "".

If I wanted to dress up the URL slightly, I might tell you it's "Blogging.Nitecruzr.Net". Either URL should work, for reading the blog, equally well - with the domain setup properly.

Both blogs published to "" - and to non BlogSpot (aka "custom domain") - URLs are subjected to unexpected mixed case variations, from time to time.

Please note! This blog is written in the "English" language, which uses the "Latin" alphabet. In properly composed "English" / "Latin", case sensitivity is important.

Please - if you don't understand the issues of "case sensitivity", research!

See the Wikipedia article "Case sensitivity" for details, if your native language is not "English" - or you don't understand the importance of "case sensitivity", "lower case", "Mixed Case", and "UPPER CASE".

The Blogger computers do not all handle mixed case URLs, equally well.

If you want reliable performance, use lower case URLs consistently!

If you want your blog - or your domain - to operate reliably, so your readers can view your posts, you should publish using lower case URLs.

This post is titled "Use Mixed Case URLs, When Publishing, Carefully". Look at the URL, for this post, as published by Blogger.
If you publish your blog using all lower case letters, in the URLs, your readers will have a better chance to read your blog.

I can advertise my blog as "Blogging.NiteCruzr.Net" - or even "BloggerStatusForReal.BlogSpot.Com" - if I like. My readers can read this blog using "", "Blogging.NiteCruzr.Net", or even "BlOgGiNg.NiteCruzr.Net".

Well written code will canonise mixed case, to lower case.

Most computers will know that a URL "BlOgGiNg.NiteCruzr.Net" should be read as "". Conversely, if I was to publish as "BlOgGiNg.NiteCruzr.Net", how easily would "" be converted to "BlOgGiNg.NiteCruzr.Net"?

Each reader, loading this blog in their browser, picks up the canonical tag in the blog header - and the browser will continue by reading this blog as "". When the time comes, the search engines, using the canonical tag, will index the blog as "".

Where it matters, though, is that the blog is best setup - and published - as "", and "". You should do likewise, when you publish your blog - whether to "", or to your own private custom domain.


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