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Blogger Support Won't Play Wheel Of Fortune With Us

Long ago, Blogger Support used to provide personalised account recovery service, to blog owners who had forgotten their account names and passwords - and give "hints" in open forum discussion, reminiscent of the popular TV game show, Wheel Of Fortune.

But reality intervened - and now, everybody who wants to recover access to a Blogger account / blog must use one of the automated account / blog access recovery tools- ignoring however defective they may appear to be.

We have seen several sad stories, played out in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue.

Round #1

An unhappy "blog owner" would request assistance.
I forgot the password. Can somebody help me recover access?
Blogger Support would email recovery instructions to "whatever @ gmail . com", and advise the "blog owner"
I emailed your reset instructions to "w****** @ g**** . com".
Sometimes they would get the reply
That does not help me. Can I buy a vowel?
Blogger Support, always optimistic, would give it another go.
I emailed your reset instructions to "w***e*** @ g**** . com".
I emailed your reset instructions to "w*a*e*** @ g**** . com".
I emailed your reset instructions to "w*a*e**r @ g**** . com".
Finally, the successful "blog owner" would reply
Thank you so much! I am so happyyyyyyyy!!!
But the story did not always end there.

Round #2

The next month somebody would report
My blog disappeared from my dashboard while I was in the hospital, in a coma. I now want to tell everybody how I am doing - but my blog is now full of spam, and nobody can read it!! Whatever can the problem be?
And the blog mentioned in Round #2 turned out to be the same as in Round #1.

Round #3

The final verdict would be that Blogger Support, while playing "Wheel of Fortune" in Round #1, had been playing with a hacker, who was then able to steal somebody else's blog.

Bonus Round

After that happened a couple times. Blogger developed the recovery tools, and wrote the final FAQ. And, stopped providing real time, personalised advice.

And that is that. You cannot prove that you are the owner of the blog, because you cannot communicate directly with Blogger Support. You have to use the tools provided - and / or search each email account, persistently.

Blogger Support will not play "Wheel of Fortune" any more. Everybody is urged to never reveal their email address, to the world.

In some cases, the blogs would be deleted, as new spam hosts - but ownership is seldom recoverable.
Your best solution, now, is to start a new blog - then combine the two blogs, in a blog cluster.


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