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Help Me! I Can't Access My Blogger Account!

Every week, we see the anguished cry of blog owners, who don't have access to maintain, or publish to, their blogs.
Help me! My email address changed last month, I dropped my phone into the sink, and now I can't sign in to my blog!
If you look at the fine print, you see the full story.

Ask enough questions, and the details will come forth.
Help Me! I never bothered to remember my password - I used the Forgot Password wizard to reset my password every time I wanted to sign in to my Blogger account. My email address changed last month, my phone number changed last week, I can't get the email from the Forgot Password wizard, or the new Blogger Account / Blog Recovery wizard - and now I can't sign in to my blog!
As I have repeatedly advised folks, and previously pointed out in 2010, Blogger lets us maintain our blogs anonymously, and promises anonymous access and ownership for eternity. There is no magic token attached to our blogs, that let us conveniently email Blogger and ask for a second (or a third) back door access to our accounts.

If you can't access your Blogger account, you can't maintain your blog. Use the Forgot Password wizard, when you have access to the email account - or the new Blogger Account / Blog Recovery wizard.

And learn how to use the Google "One account" login wizard, properly.

Blogger wants to protect us, and our blogs, from attacks from people who claim to be us, but are not. Help them to protect our accounts, and our blogs - don't require that they gratuitously allow you access to your blog when you forget the password, and have no second - or third - back door access to reset the password.


This has not helped me 1 bit. I can't get in to post a blog all it want's me to do is create a new blog I don't want to do that all I wan't to do is post new ones. No matter what I try it does not work.
Pat said…
Hi I have a problem. I have read all of the comments carefully and they do not help because I do know my password and username. I can't login to Blogger at all and I tried deleting my google account info because my purpose was to delete the blog but you need dashboard and to be able to log in first before you can delete the blog in settings or individual posts. What do I do? Do I get google back? What happens if I do get them back and still can't log in to the Blog spot? Plse be generous with feedback and instructions. Pat
Chuck Croll said…

Your question is one with which I struggle, weekly. It's part of a dichotomy.
1. People like you, who need to recover control of their Blogger accounts.
2. Hackers and blog thieves, who want to gain control of someone else's Blogger accounts.

The conundrum here is - given the current system of anonymous blog ownership, Blogger cannot make it easier for Group #1, without making it equally easier for Group #2.

And realising that Blogger is a technical product, and Group #2 (hackers and blog thieves) are technically superior to Group #1 (many blog owners) - who benefits more, every time Blogger provides more options for account recovery?

There are only 2 possible solutions from this quagmire.
1. Everybody has to, without fail, remember account names and passwords.
2. Blogger has to require proof of real world identity, using a government issued identification, for every Blogger account.

Which do you think is more likely to happen? Watch this space, for new post link.
AK_MtnAnSith said…
Hi! My problem isn't with remembering my password......After a year-long hiatus, I can't access my blog because I seemed to have been reverted back to my very first blogger profile(account)AK_MtnAnSith, that I had for my first blog from 2007!!! This is the only blof and profile showing up in my dashboard! I only posted 3 times in that blog before switching (for whatever reason) to a new blogger profile with a new blog which I used for YEARS. I don't know if this has something to do with Google, or the fact that I set up a google+ account that I only used for about two seconds.....I'm not the most savvy at this stuff. Can you help? Whaaaaaaaa.....

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