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Tweak The Post Template, Only When Necessary

Occasionally, we see the query, in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?
How do I change these captions? / Add this feature? / Remove specific components of this feature?
Conversely, we see in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken
Why does this new Blogger feature not work in my blog?
These questions, in many cases, may be related. We can see the connection, when we look closer at how the changes are applied.

Many changes to our blogs, that are part of the comments / posts / post header / footer, are made in the post template.

The post template is an unobtrusive section in the blog template, that lets us change the blog template as we wish - while allowing Blogger to update the comments and posts code, as they add new features, or update existing features.

Blogger lets us change the post template, using "Configure Blog Posts".

Blogger provides the "Configure Blog Posts" wizard - and lets us change specific features in the post template.

The options in "Configure Blog Posts" do not satisfy everybody - and here is where many problems start. Some blog owners want features or selections that are not provided by "Configure Blog Posts" - but are part of the post template.

Some features have to be installed as post template tweaks.

To install these features, the blog owner uses the Template Editor, and tweaks the "Blog1" template widget.

Once the post template is tweaked, by the blog owner, the blog has a non standard post template. When Blogger applies their next post template update, to install or update a Blogger supplied feature, against a blog with a non standard post template, they have 3 options.
  1. Overlay the entire post template, with their updated post template. The blog owner sees all tweaks previously made, suddenly vanish. Some of the owner applied features simply disappear, others stop working - with no explanation or warning.
  2. Overlay specific portions of the post template, with their updated post template changes. The blog owner sees some tweaks previously made, suddenly vanish. Some of the owner applied features simply disappear, others stop working - with no explanation or warning.
  3. Not install the updated post template. The new Blogger feature doesn't work - and the blog owner is left complaining about broken Blogger updates, while other blog owners are enjoying the new feature.

When Blogger upgrades the post template, what happens to your tweaks?

If Blogger updates the post template, and some owner applied features disappear or stop working, the blog owner can simply install the necessary tweaks, again. Having kept the notes, or code snippets, from the original install, many blog owners simply install everything again.

Unfortunately, if the Blogger post template changes were applied in the same post template section as the owner applied tweaks, the owner retained notes or code snippets may be out of date - and installing them again may break one or more Blogger supplied features.

Some post template tweaks can have effects outside the post template.

Some owner applied changes, if installed improperly, can affect other sections of the template, in general - and cause mysteries such as problems updating accessory gadgets, and problems using the Template Designer.

The end result is that owner installed post template tweaks must be made, selectively - and any Blogger changes, publicised or non publicised, may necessitate re install of any owner applied tweaks. Owner applied tweaks must be re installed, character by character - and frequently with the readers complaining about an unexpected change or broken blog.

The post template is actually another example of "well enough", for many blog owners.


Tweak The Post Template, When Necessary - And Only, When Necessary


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