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Google+ Comments, And Missing Dashboard Options

As Google+ Comments become more widely accepted in Blogger blogs, we see some confusion in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken about comment moderation options, and missing dashboard features.

Besides the frequently seen confusion about ownership and visibility, of comments published under Google+ Comments, some blog owners become concerned when they cannot find the expected dashboard settings and utilities.

Google+ Comments use community based moderation - and don't need dashboard, or email, based moderation by the blog administrators. The Blogger dashboard is a bit simpler, with Google+ Comments in use.

Google+ Comments are much simpler to setup and to maintain, than Blogger Native Comments.

With Google+ Comments, you have just one setting, in the dashboard "Posts, comments and sharing" Settings page.

Use Google+ Comments on this blog

With Google+ Comments enabled, you have one option, in Settings - "Posts and comments".

Comment Location

Everything else is decided, for you.

With Google+ Comments, everybody reading your blog - in your Circles or outside - can designate any given comment as spam.

Report spam or abuse

This option is available, on every visible comment, to every viewer, equally. A comment, published as "Public", can be moderated by people not logged in to Google+.

The blog owner (administrator) simply has no need to moderate Google+ Comments. Neither moderation related options, under Settings - "Posts and comments" - nor the Comments dashboard wizard, or Comments moderation email - are necessary.

The owner has no special ability to moderate - or even to view - all comments published against the blog.

Setting up Google+ Comments is pretty simple.

  • In the dashboard "Posts, comments and sharing" Settings page, select “Use Google+ Comments on this blog”.
  • In the dashboard "Posts, comments and sharing" Settings page, select an option for “Comment Location”.
  • You’re done.

Now, get into your Google+ Stream, and start reading and resharing comments and posts.


Unknown said…
Hi i need help,After fixing my feeds yesterday via ( i think i have tampered with the codes incorrectly on my templates. I noticed this morning that my google comments box is not visible underneath my post No more. I think something is wrong with my templates,I don't want to cause more harm. Please can you help me,am so feed up right now.
blog and my email address is
Unknown said…
Google+ being required for posting on YouTube was a horrible idea.. Because it integrates with email (options, menus, etc.)

Thankfully I was able to remove + from my accounts.. && I'm MOST DEFINITELY never, ever, putting it back.

Guess you won't be seeing any more of my comments, anywhere, there. ;-$
Liz Parker said…
My Google+ comments disappeared this AM - any tips on fixing it? This has happened before but for a shorter period of time.
Nitecruzr said…
Elizabeth / Kim,

We appear to have a problem with Google+ Commenting, affecting a few blogs, today. Please provide your details, about this problem, in the Problem Rollup discussion.

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