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Add A Simple "Recent Comments" / "Recent Posts" Gadget To Your Blog

The recently observed problems with some third party gadgets, previously added by many blog owners to their blogs, leaves these blogs lacking various accessories.

One of the gadgets identified is the "Recent Comments" / "Recent Posts" gadget pair. For many blog owners, this gadget is not impossible to replace.

Blogger provides us with a native accessory, called a "Blog Feed" gadget, which will provide acceptable "Recent Comments" and "Recent Posts" functionality, for many blog owners.

Look at the sidebar of this blog, for "The Real Blogger Status - Comments", and "The Real Blogger Status - Posts". Those are "Recent Comments" and "Recent Posts" gadgets, which are based on the Blogger supplied "Feed" gadget - which is not a third party accessory, and is not subject to future third party peccadilloes.

To make your new gadget, start with the URL of the blog feed desired.

Add a Blogger supplied Feed gadget, using the "Add a gadget" wizard, in the dashboard Layout display.

This is the URL of this blog.

This is the URL of the blog comments feed.

This is the URL of the blog posts feed.

Setting up a "Blog Feed" gadget is simple enough.

  1. Add a "Feed" gadget (Only select the "Feed" gadget, "By Blogger"!!!), using the "Add a gadget" wizard.
  2. Plug in the Feed URL (see my examples above), and Continue.
  3. Review / change the options offered, and Save.
  4. Test your new blog accessory - provided by Blogger - with no future hacking activity anticipated.

Avoid any similarly named gadget not "By Blogger" - distributed from "Add a Gadget", or from a private blog or non Google website.

And, you're done. Wasn't that simple?


Kansas Bob said…
Dynamic Views is already slow enough. I may need to remove some gadgets to speed it up.
Roman Bespalov said…
Thanks a lot! Really simple!
Anonymous said…
I have used several of your tips over the years... never took the time to thank you for all the info! THANKS! I had a broke recent comments widget, this one works better and looks better than the old one anyway. take care bud.
Anonymous said…
Used many of your tips here over the years... never took the time to thank your for your help. THANKS! This works better and looks better than the old recent comments widget I was using. take care
Faria Ahmed said…
This is the simple way to Blogger Recent Comments Widget. i must want to give you thanks for the real post.
Manny said…
Thanks a bunch, it worked!
tele CME said…
i search in the web and get a java script to protect my blog with password. but google team delete all my site due to they find “malicious script” . in the site, I have a custom domain name bought in blogger: I also can’t use it. I tried to use the domain name in another blogger and it returned that they can’t make sure whether I am the owner or not? How do I get back the domain? Pl. tell me.

I restored the web 12 days ago and got no reply till now. I thought it's due to Chimese New Year no service, so I request again after the festival but still no reply. I try to set up a new blog with my own domain name which I bought in Blogger. I don't care they delete all my contents or not, but taking back my own domain name which already published in press. Below is the screen I took. Pl. help me tack back my own domain.
Chuck Croll said…

I'd like to advise you through this problem - but you need to report this in Blogger Help Forums, not here.
Chuck Croll said…

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad that this helped!
That was useful-- thanks.
Glenn said…
I'm not seeing an option to add a Recent Comments gadget. Did Blogger remove this?
Chuck Croll said…

The "Recent Comments" / "Recent Posts" gadgets are third party contributions that are used by the contributor, to attract traffic to websites containing hacking, porn, and / or spam.

Blogger Security removed those gadgets, to make our blogs safer, for our readers.

Fortunately, "Recent Comments" / "Recent Posts" can be replaced, using the "Blog Feed" gadget, with the appropriate blog feed URL specified.

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